12/30/22 Dearest Old Pal

Excuse me for sending this special but I couldn’t resist the temptation and I do want you to get this sometime before Tuesday. C? Am I forgiven?

12:00 noon

Dec 30, 1922

Dearest Old pal

let’s be that to each other all the time. it’s so much better then the other. Don’t you think so?

Listen, Fredibus, old thing, you speak of the blues so often. Aren’t you strong enough to resist them? I’m hardly capable to preach to you about the “blues” because I’ll admit that sometimes I have an acute case of “blue devils” + they tramp all over me. I’ve had ’em so bad sometimes, I’ve wanted to end everything. But usually I go somewhere + try to fight it off. I’ll tell you a wonderful cure for them. Go stand in front of a mirror + make funny faces at yourself and see how absurd you can look. If that don’t put the blues out, well – go out under the wonderful stars and think of Orion. Think of something someone you like has said that pleased you or amused you. I’m sure that won’t fail + if it does, well, go to bed + forget it. You’re dreadfully strong and you’re too strong to hand onto such a thing. Why should thinking of the days when I was out there make you blue? Did I ever permit myself to say or do anything to make you feel that way?

Please don’t connect me with the blues for I hate them so. So let’s forget ’em, Fred. You’re too fine a boy to go under like that. Don’t disappoint me but be real happy.

That was a cute simile you made about mud pies. Was that a compliment or a slam to you or me?

I’m sitting in the car in front of the P.O. and it’s raining!! but I’m going to finish this letter. Thanks for writing to me. It really was a surprise but a pleasant one. So keep it up. I won’t be angry. And listen – when you do get blue, sit down + tell me everything. That might help some. At least it won’t do any harm. Won’t you?

I’ve got to go. Mama said be home before Dad so I’ll have to rush.

There’s bushels more I could say if I had the time + the paper, but I haven’t so I’ll just say – Forget the blues, think of me + be happy. Won’t you?



2 Responses

  1. Jennifer says:

    Wonderful and uplifting. Sweet and innocent. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. steph says:

    She’s so adorable! And I love “fredibus, old thing” ha!

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