1/10/23 The Girls Musical Club

Jan 10, 1923

Howdy, old dear!!
This is the first time I haven’t had to break my neck getting lessons in this study period, and it sure seems strange, too. I got real industrious last nite after that inspiring and complimentary talk. Then – oh wonder of wonders – I studied, wrote a poem and was asleep before 11 o’clock.

And listen. I’m so wonderfully thrilled. One of the members of the Girl’s Musical Club called me + asked me to play a violin solo. Oh, Fred, old boy, it’s so wonderful to be recognized by the most prominent club of the city. And this lady has never heard me play, but she says that everyone says I’m so wonderful + that they all complimented me so highly when I played there once.

Then after the 2 violin numbers I’m going to pep up the boys with the jazz. I forgot to tell you it was to be at Camp Logan next Thurs. nite, the 18th. Oh – and I’m so happy – Just think such high compliments from those who really count.

Really, I do think of something else beside music altho it doesn’t seem like it. Poetry, for instance. I wrote Skinney that poem and sent it to you – will you please see that he gets it + if he don’t want you to read it, why make him do it. Really, it’s rich and I know you’ll appreciate it for you’ve been thru it.

Honest to grasshopper, Fred, I’m not going to write you another letter except to answer yours. I know you’re lots busier then I but oh-well – I’ll answer yours either in person or in writing.

I’m getting to be a professional lier lately. Everyone here at school doubts everything I say. I hope some day they’ll believe me but if I continue all the time as I am going they’ll — oh, gorsh, the bell.
Well, CULOM*
– Me –

I have not been able to decipher “CULOM”.. anyone with any ideas, let me know.


3 Responses

  1. Laura Vandezande says:

    c u later old man? c u love of mine? (they weren’t quite at that point yet, though..)

  2. the reader says:

    oh, good guess. I actually (finally) did some Googlin’ and found it used to be used in radio communications (CU Later Old Man) and she was a ham radio operator and will sometimes cite those abbreviations in her letters (coming soon)

  3. steph says:

    Can’t get enough of these two!

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