1/8/23 The Mysterious Gypsy

They call me a fortune teller,

And my fortunes are always true

If you’ll listen to me a minute,

I’ll tell your fortune to you.
You must listen to me very closely,
And I’ll tell you the things that I know,
Things that only a fortune teller
Can tell you will come and will go.

You’re one of a very large family,

But a family that’s happy and gay.
You love them all greatly and that sister of yours?
You’ll be proud of your sister some day.
You’re very ambitious and you’re going to win out
In the business that you undertake.
But remember, señor, there’s a straight, narrow path
For the wonderful man that you’ll make.

There’ll be lots of temptations for you to put down

But remember this thing, you are strong.
And it’s only that strength that’ll win out for you.
And put you just where you belong.

There’s a girl who has recently come in your life

A girl who will stick to the end.
But remember, señor, she’s impulsive and young.
Keep her and make her your friend.
She’ll never be more to you, that I am sure
Let me warn you of that girl’s worst trait,
Value her friendship, be a true pal to her
But beware of her, lest you cause hate.

This girl I’ll describe so you’ll know who I mean,
And you won’t get her mixed with the rest.
She has brown hair, grey eyes, and a temper like fire,
Thank not make folk dare to molest.

You’re cool-headed and slow in  making your friends
But they’re ones that you’ll value some day
When you settle down and are out in the world
And you realize that life is not play.

You won’t marry young for you’ve more sense
But you’ll wait til you have a good start,
Then life will be happy and you will be glad,
For you’ll  marry the girl of your heart.

I don’t know who it is, I can’t tell by your palm,
But I’m sure that it’s no one you’ve met.
Just be patient, you’ll know when the time is at hand,
I can’t read on your palm of that, yet.

Finish your school then go out in the world,
And bring your name right before all.
Tho’ cruel to some folks, the world won’t be to you.
It’ll give you your dues when you call.

You’re a wonderful athlete and some day right soon
You’ll win in a game that you play.
If not win, I am sure that you’ll get some high marks,
Your friends will admire you that day.

That’s all of your fortune, I thank you, señor,
There’s a wonderful future for you.
And I’m wishing you luck and I know that you’ll win.
And you’ll make many friends who are true.

I must stop now and read, my head’s in a whirl.
Your interesting palm kept me here.
Don’t forget what I said of the straight narrow path.
The Gypsies will join me – “good cheer”

~The Mysterious Gypsy~

If you’ll keep this fortune that she’s told you,
And read it again some day,
You’ll find that she’s told you the honest truth.
And, now, what more can she say?


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  1. steph says:

    A temper like fire! I love Florence.

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