3/27/1923 Fredibus alas!


Fredibus, dear.

You poor boy! I’ve just found out something about you. Something I was sure you were not. Hold your breath! While I tell you what I have discovered. Eureka! Fredibus, alas! You have numberless moods! and I was so sure that you were free of such a thing. I’ve imagined it but I never would believe it. I believed to to be my own moods for you know I’m full of them but it’s you! I believed you to be terribly level-headed and not given to moods – or was it purely disappointment? I am sure not for one little simple dance could not make a boy like you talk as you did. Gee! I used to be foolish!!!

Remember at one of the parties when I was so angry because you were a little cool to me one day when I called you – it’s rather funny now but it surely wasn’t then, was it? Tell me why you nearly freeze me to death when I call you. Is it because you do not like to climb steps and come down them? or is it because you don’t think I ought to call you? You see I had a terribly important question to ask you – and, well, if I had waited for you to call me, I might have waited for an age. Won’t the big boy be terribly glad when summer comes and he won’t have to always think studies?

You said the costume of Frivolity just suits me – It is to laugh!! I have to be gay for both of us. I have my serious moments as you have yours but most of my moments are happy. For, indeed, I have had a marvelous time since Oct 30, 1922. Remember?

First, I planned to go to this party dressed as a gypsie then I thought that since the one who could best appreciate that costume could not go. I’d change it. Fred, you hardly realize the sentiment there is attached to the word gypsie. Was it not in such a costume that I first met the big athlete I like so much?

Daddy is talking of sending me off to Miss next fall to school. Fred! That’s a long way off! And I feel that when I walk about of Central High with my diploma that everything will somehow be different. In my more serious moments, I almost grow frightened at the thought of a separation from those I love – and that’s what it means.

But away, sad thoughts! I am Folly! It is my business, my desire to cheer others. So, I’m going to tell the big boy – to go out Sat for all he’s worth and the Gyspie Fortune Teller will be there and will think of him all the time and remember that always, old pal o’ mine, we’re the best of friends.



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