3/28/1923 So Many Jelly Beans Around Here

[Note: though the date written later by Florence says “3-27-23”, the 27th fell on a Tuesday that year, so I have changed the date ahead accordingly.]


Fredibus, don’t – please don’t think I’d make fun of your track work. I wouldn’t for the world. I think you are wonderful for being any kind of athlete at all. There’s so many jelly beans around here who can’t do anything but I’m so glad you can. Really! As for laughing at your being in training, I usually laugh instead of cry but I think you’re wonderfully strong because you can refuse those things you’d like to do and keep up the things that count. Had I been in training (and I think my patience would have long ago left) I should have broken all rules and done as I wanted but you didn’t. Remember what I said in that poem about your being so strong? And truly, I’m glad you are. A dance? My heavens! What could a few hours of moving one’s feet and flattering girls (if you do such a thing and I don’t think you do very much.) what could all that mean. – there are more dances in the world but you may never have another chance to fight for Rice. A dance! Good Gorsh! Fred! Doesn’t that seem trivial? When compared with other things. Of course, you know my one desire is to have a real good time and go like fury while I’m among my friends for there are only 2 short months before all this facinating rush is over. Then – well, no one knows what will happen.

Please forget I laughed at your training yesterday. Really, I didn’t mean to. And I do understand. Don’t ever think that things that interest you and concern you so much only bore me – for I love to hear of those things you like. Forget the dance! and go out for real track. If it’s within my power, I’ll be there Sat. or die trying. Best of luck to you, Fred and I’ll be there to help you win and I’ll think of you lots. Love, Follette

P.S. Don’t think it’s queer of me to ask Ike. I did want you to go so bad but since you couldn’t, well, I have to get someone and Ike is next best to you. but I’m dreadfully sorry you can’t go. There’s plenty of other times, tho –


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