5/16/23 Every Particle of My Heart

9:30 pm

Fredibus, dear,

Can yo bear with me for a very few minutes?? I hope so. If you can’t, well – but why think of that.

A few minutes ago, I was out looking at the glorious stars – Memories? Oh, wonderful ones. Orion was beaming down – and all the rest that some time, perhaps, if you care to hear it. I’ll tell you the stories of – but these stars have guarded over us both so well. For years – ever since I was a real tiny girl, I’ve wished on the stars – you’ve heard that poem that one always says. throws three kisses to the star then make a wish?

“Star light, star bright,

first star I’ve seen tonite,

Wish I may, wish I might

Have this wish I wish tonite.”

And in the years I’ve said that verse, there have only been 2 real wishes denied me. One as I remember long ago, I wished I’d never have to have another tooth pulled. Wasn’t that foolish? ut the teeth would just keep getting loose and of course, they finally ceased that but that was a long time after I first wished it. I have wished to be popular, I have wished for a car – for real friends, etc. and I’ve gotten them all save one. i wished for you to win in the T. I. A. A. meet – and in the conference – and the conference meet was the wish that failed. But next year – oh – wait!!

It seems sometimes that our lives are individually watched by the stars. There are certain stars which watch over certain people, and Orion seems to be ours. So, Fredibus, big boy, when you look up at Orion, just know that we aren’t going to be separated this summer. We’ve known each other such a short time – long enough to really be friends – to find out what we’re each one made of – and I’d hate so bad to part now.

Things look sort of gloomy, I’ll admit, but I feel that somehow things are coming out right. Please don’t think too much about it. We understand each other – and you know my true feelings toward you. Know them deep inside your heart – Fred – and light into those lessons. If you flunked out this year, I’d never forgive myself, but you know that I’m behind you. You know that every particle of my heart is with you. And you’re going to tell me pretty soon that you passed O.K. Don’t think of this summer. Remember, the Fates were wonderfully kind when they introduced us at the Halloween party – they’ve been kind ever since. I’ve been fortunate – and lucky and I’ll be so this summer. So we’re going to have a glorious time together and be so happy – and my own big athlete that the papers talk of is going to always be as precious as he is now.

Please don’t think of this summer, but just know that I’ll think as much of you, a million miles away – and you’ll study real hard won’t you? I’ll lend as much inspiration as I can.

As Ever –


The Parting of the Ways

There comes a time in each of our lives,

That means the parting of the ways.

We know not whither these roads may lead,

To sadder or happier days,

To days that are filled with gladness

And sorry and pain cast aside,

Or to days with haunting memories,

And a love that we cannot hide.

Who knows where when the parting comes.

We may meet again on this earth.

Who knows how, after years apart,

We may hide our joy and mirth

At the meetings we have longed for,

When we tell our hearts to each other,

Our joys, our hopes and our fears.

Perhaps it is best for our future,

Perhaps it is best that we part,

Who knows what has been planned for us,

And just where we ought to start.

Distance may be measured by miles, Dear,

The ocean might keep us apart.

The years might come and might leave us,

But still linger the love in my heart.

New friends will come and will love us,

But the memories of old friends remain

It seems thru the years that are passing

The first love is always the same.

Remember that tho’ we are parted

True love and true friendship ne’er cease.

Tho miles and miles are between us,

Let our love and friendship increase.

“cum omne amore in mea pectore”*

*With my complete lack of any Latin, the closest I can guess is referring to love from the bottom of her heart… any corrections are more then welcome.

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