5/23 If We’re Millions of Miles Away

May 1923 (undated)

2 p.m. – Standard time

Dearest big boy ‘o mine.

Blue? Big boy, why be blue? What if we are separated this summer – 3 months. Don’t you know that true love never fades or dies! Don’t you know that if you really care for me, there’s not a girl on earth who can take you away from me. and if I care for you, there’s no boy who can take me away. I do care, Fred. I like you heaps – and heaps – and then some.

Of course, your future comes first – you are broad enough to know that merely being separated thru the summer won’t cause us to lose the old friendship. Haven’t we been wonderful pals since Oct? For seven months? Can’t our friendship grow by writing to each other?

No one knows how wonderful it would be to be together this summer, and not to have studies always stopping us but we can be happy just the same.

Don’t think of this summer. Let’s make the most of a bad bargain, Fred.

Remember, even if we’re millions of miles away, I like you better then any boy in this whole wide world.

Just Me


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