8/24/1923 blub blub

Fri morning

10:45 pm

I’m directly in the midst of work. Imagine Mother was doing some work on the old literature at the church and she couldn’t get any ladies to help her so she roped “darling daughter” in to the rescue. I’ve been working, lifting heavy books + pounding the type, for nearly 2 hours. Frankly I’m hot and “gone

My dear! I’ve slept lately! I feel it’s quite an accomplishment, don’t you think so. I’ll tell you about it. I go-go-go thru the day til I’m worn out utterly. A swim it real exercise and awfully tiring, and every afternoon I swim hard. Yesterday I swam an hour the length of the pool 5 times. Not all at once, of course. It’s 60 feet long – 300 ft. 100 yds. I’ve surely improved! When I started 2 weeks ago 60 feet would wind my utterly but I’ve trained down now – no sweets, or fancy junk – just plain food, not fattening. So I guess I’m “in training.” At least I’ve done as you want me to for a change. But when I “hit the feathers” at nite I’m too sore and tired to do anything but “saw wood.” I don’t get tired so quickly. I feel better physically, but oh! mentally!

Played for the radio last nite after a hard swim. Had a good time. The whole gang of us – dance, cut up – had oodles of requests for jazz numbers. and we had all the latest pieces out. Then afterward we “joy rode” the Main St. Drag, singing + cutting up after 10 – fun! oh boy! It was all a jazz program (Trust me for that) and I played only one classical piece. Oh! We had lots of fun.

Fred, when you get real brave and learn to swim we’ll try a lot of junk, singing underwater. I did that yesterday and swallowed the pool – blub blub, and then Sis carried me on her shoulders underwater and I carried her. Tomorrow morning we’re going to try and eat a banana under water, blub blub. I hope I don’t drown. I’ve tried swimming under water but I haven’t the nerve yet to dive but I will soon.

I know what you’re thinking, Fred. All my time and thought is taken up with swimming – swimming, Caro mio. It’s not quite that bad, but I’m so fascinated by it. It seems it’s just a part of me and I look forward to the afternoons when I can swim again. And all this winter I’m going in – Oh! and so much fun. You’ve missed half a life time, Fred by not swimming! It’s glorious.

It’s 11:30 now. I’ve started and stopped thru this letter a dozen times, and I’ve never entirely gotten my thoughts straight. I’m awfully dizzy for some strange reason, so I’m going to say “au revior” again. I hope this letter gets mailed this time. I’m getting worse than Jessamine (ask Ike about it)




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