8/23/1923 I might pull thru after all, Reckon?

Thursday ~

Dear Fred –

So busy, So busy, and full of water ~ and empty. I’m so horribly terribly hungry – and peaches, milk, soft boiled eggs and toast, nearly 2 weeks now. 10 1/2 lbs in 2 weeks isn’t bad, is it? I don’t notice that I look any different, tho’. I tip the scales at 131 1/2 lbs. I’ve lost about 8 lbs in a week. Believe me, little one, if I keep on, I’ll be trim as a race horse!! or a track star. Then I’ll compete vs you in low hurdles. Huh?

Got your letter this morning. I was about to send out an alarm for my C.H.S. pin. You have had it nearly a week, and didn’t even write + tell me you got it! You’re a hunk o’ cheese you are. You’re quite welcome. I’m glad it pleases you. I usually try to keep my promises.

My dear! all there is to swimming is practice. I’ve been swimming nigh unto 6 years now, and this year, for the first time have I been able to swim right. I adore the scissors kick – and the flutter kick nearly kills my legs but they’re getting so strong. I can pull myself clear out of the water and you can see the muscles in my arm – Hot Dog! and today I think I’m going to attempt to dive. I’m learning the slow trudgean crawl – and I nearly choke but I keep it up. I’ve been in every day since last Thurs. except Sun. It’s glorious. I’ve cut out all cold drinks except limeades (chockalates + sundaes, etc) and I feel strong as a steam engine. My one thought these days is swimming. I positively love from one afternoon to the next. One day I had the pool for half an hour all to myself. No one but the life saver around – and she didn’t pay any attention to me. Believe me, I sure worked. It’s not play, what I’m doing. Often lately, I’ve been so sore I could scarcely move but there’s a method in my madness! and starving! Glory!

Why don’t you come home a week sooner then go on to E.C> and not have to miss the first part of school? That little(?) money couldn’t make so much difference, could it? Instead of only a week – at home – have 2 – I shouldn’t think of letting you stay in H. a whole week before going home. Couldn’t you make it about Sept 11 or 12? instead of 16th? Of course, I guess you know best, but listen! mon ami, while society doesn’t appeal to you at all – maybe it wouldn’t bore you too much. Jessamine plans a trip to Sylvan just before she leaves – and of course, I’d like for you to get in on it. Perhaps you don’t think it is worth the price, I believe it is. Come home with Ike and we can enjoy a little fun perhaps before we begin at the grindstone. I don’t want to persuade you vs your better judgement or ideas.

Do as you think best. Personally I think you’d be better off if you didn’t stay there so long, that last week is going to be the worst. I know, Fred, from experience. You’ll know Ike is here with his “best” and you’ve got another week in jail. And if I keep on talking so convincingly you’ll have to come whether you think best or not. So I’ll stop.

I’m going to perform for the radio tonite. I don’t relish the job but I guess I’ll live through it. And I’m going to town – then swimming in a little while.

I’m awfully tired and sore.

C.B. is going to have a surprise party Sat. nite – more dancing and fun. Hot dog! Wish you were here to go along. Remember our party over there?

I feel like old heck today. I was up town all morning – and I’m so blue I’m surprised this paper hasn’t turned blue just from association! Somehow I’ve changed so much I hardly recognize myself anymore – I wonder if you will.

Got my credits O.K. from Rice. I’ve got to go see Mr. McCann this week if possible. A girl friend has offered us advice, and help, all her quiz papers + daily math and junk she had last year. I might pull thru after all, Reckon?

Ma cheré, I must leave. Take my town trip and my swim + play for the radio.

If you don’t get a letter again soon, I haven’t forgotten you. I’m awfully busy – sewing, swimming, starving + going, but I’ll write when I can.



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