Florence Events 1922-1923 May-June

Events – Con’t

May 11 – Went to play for the Crockett School May Fete with the orchestra. Played nearly two hours without stopping. Rushed home and got Lula Frances, Joe Miller, Sherrill Sullivan and the McManus’ and rushed to Sylvan Beach – Carriebelle gave a picnic and I never had a more wonderful time in my life. There was about 28 including the chaperones. Wore my new green sport costume and had such a marvelous time – But – when I got home at one o’clock I was nearly gone.

May 12 – After I waited in vain for a word of result in the track meet at Stillwater, Okla. I revolted (?) in a little high life. Apy came over and we played some music for a long time.

May 13 – Sunday School – decided to break the record so went to see “Glimpses of the Moon” with Lula Frances. Rode around for a long time – stopped at Bennett’s. Dot Ethel came by and I went around the “block” with her – stopped at Bennett’s again, then I went home with her. Had a glorious time and some fried chicken + cake, etc + cucumber. We talked til way after 10, and I got home after 11. Sure had a good time – But no report of the track meet other then 2nd in shot – nothing in discus.

May 14 – Central Hi played Rice slimes baseball + won 11-2. Hot dog!! Saw Fred out there and got his T.I.A.A. discus medal. After the game C.B., Mac, Sis + I had a wild time with hot tamales, Rice boys, and the Buick – Don’t know when I’ve had a better time – sort of hen party, u kno.

May 16 – Went for a ride with Dorothy Ethel and stopped at Bennett’s. Had lots of fun.

May 19 – Central-Heights game – 6-0. Had good time with the Rice boys. Date with Fred.

May 21 – Played Hites, beat 7-4. Had glorious time.

May 25 – Baseball Banquet. Had such a perfectly priceless time.

June 4. Took Fred and Jesse to the depot. They left for Port Arthur – Dressed for class nite and when we got in the car we had a flat. Read the prophecy, giftarian jingles, then Elsie Townes said she wanted to present a pin to a girl who in her 10 years of school had never been absent or tardy – So I had to walk up on the stage and get it. The pin is precious + I had more fun.

June 5. Graduation day. The presents poured in – Had to go get seated at 3 o’clock – Had 7th seat on the front row. I was so thrilled – by Dick + Lefty. Mr. Black told of my record and they just clapped. Had a wonderful time + got my sheep skin. Thrills. Lewis met me afterwards and gave me a beautiful silver doreen(?) He came home with us and stayed till nearly 12. Had a wonderful time.

June 6. Was interviewed by the Chronicle reporter – Thrills! He wanted to know all about my record, etc. The reporter was Elmer Summers, a Rice boy. Played for the Dawson recital and made a grand success. Wasn’t scared at all. Had a good time + lots of compliments.

June 7 – Jessamine’s dance at Glenbrook Country Club. Wonderful time with Lewis. In car with Fred Cooke + Sis. Never more fun.

June 8 – Left for Bay Ridge at 4 o’clock. Bobbed Mac’s hair, had supper, went for swim, took in Sylvan and all the amusements in. Had truth party til 1 o’clock.

June 9. Up at 6 o’clock swimming with C.B. Breakfast. Drove to LaPorte. Dinner. Lewis came on 2 o’clock train. Went crabbing. Mr. Sterling + Walter came in on yacht “Virginia” then Mac, Oppie, Lewis + I rode on the yacht to Morgan’s Point. Steered it thru channel. Got sopping wet when the waves splashed up. Nearly fell down but had a great time. Ross met us at the wharf + we went home. Made candy, wandered around, went in swimming, had supper, went to Bayshore to dance. Then to Sylvan to see the crowd. (Ford Day) Home. talked, danced, cut up generally til nearly 1:30. A perfect day – and something else, too.

June 10 – Up 6 o’clock. All the girls refused to go in swimming so I went out + watched the boys till 7:00. Mr. Sterling showed me the place – cut oodles of flowers for me. fed me mulberries. Showed me how he was going to fix over the place + the rock gully. About 10 Lewis + I explored the place + fed each other mulberries (and got them on the outside as well as the inside) Walked about 2 blocks on the rocks – climbed the hills + returned by the road. Then Rose, Mac, Lewis + I went canoeing. The water was sort of rough + the sun hot. Was out about 45 minutes + got badly burned. The waves filled the boat up and down we sank.. Thanks to Doc I came up safe. Hung onto the canoe til we got to shallow water (it was about 7 feet deep.) Went out again but no mishap. Had dinner. Rode in Mr. Newton’s car to Sylvan, Seabrook, Kemah + back (Mac, Mr. Newton, Martha, Lewis + I.) Glorious time but awfully burned and it hurt, my arms, neck + face were blistered and my legs were like fire. Made more candy. Lewis + I sought the pier house and he went to sleep. Grandpa woke him up. While the rest were in swimming Doc + I sought the summer house. Spent one of the most wonderful hours of my life = chasing a lizard, etc. Dressed, had supper, was rushed to death by one of Mildred’s friends. Left about 7 – wonderful ride home – and the end of an absolutely perfect house party.


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