Florence Events 1922-1923 Oct-May

This is from Florence’s high school yearbook, a list of events throughout her senior year in high school.

Oct 30 [1922] – Went to Methodist Halloween party – met Fred Stancliff

Nov. 8 – Played solo for Current Literature Club

Nov. 1-10 – Tested cars and had a Buick delivered on the 10th. Played for Women’s Confederate Clubs on 10th.

Nov 29 – Had 4 Rice boys and 4 girls out for a dance. had a glorious time.

Dec. 2 – Party at Carriebelle’s for the Rice gang

Dec. 4 – Played for Kathryn Waugh to dance before Mr. Kirby of the Majestic. He said we were surely wonderful – but didn’t offer us a job.

Dec. 22 – Went to the De Molay dance with Fred

Dec. 25 Christmas. Had a glorious time.

Dec. – Played duet with Cousin Newman at Girl’s Musical Club.

Dec. – Played piano solo for Junior Music Study Club

Jan 19 – Served a tea at Aunt Florence’s with the society girls of Houston

Feb 13. Played for radio at W. E. U. [?]

Feb. 17 – Houston Radio Club Banquet. Met A. Gray Eargle, operator of 5XB

Feb 18. Played at Autry House

Feb 19. Went to Heifetz concert

Feb 28. Went to Texas-Rice basket ball game with Fred. Rice won

March 3 Had a dance – Surprise party to Fred for his birthday. He was 21

March 16-17 – Central Tennis Tournament. Won first + last second.

March 24. Crowd went to Ruth Sterling’s home not far from Sylvan – had lunch then danced at Sylvan. Had a glorious time.

March 31. Rice – Baylor track meet. Fred was great and won everything he went in for. Was high point man.

April 3-4. Central of Potpourri – played violin for it.

April 2 – Beatrice Lee’s costume dance at Kensington. Had a marvelous time – went with Lloyd Quimby.

April 7 – Lula Frances Snead’s Majestic Party

April 11 – Played for repetition of Central Y. Play for current literature club.

April 14 – Had a new brunch out to the house. Met Moore Williams, Jan Miller, had a wonderful time.

April 16 – Went to Sylvan for ball game. Stopped and danced, rained didn’t (?)

April 10 – Went to Camp Logan to repeat Potpouri for boys.

April 17 – Had bunch of Rice boys out. Danced + had a good time.

April 18 – Eriki Marini’s concert

April 19 – Musical Festival of Public Schools – Had to play orchestra

April 21 – Went to Galveston with baseball team + (?)

April 26 – Mother had the neighborhood club over. Got teased oodles and gobs about – well as usual – at 6 o’clock Mac Fowler + I went to the High Y meeting at the YMCA + gave some jazz music. Got a storm of applause and had such a marvelous time. What is sweeter than public applause? Oh Boy!

April 28 – Thrills! Had a dance for the El Campo Hi athletes. Some of Fred’s friends. The center of the table had a little girl in black and gold – a kewpie. A doll dressed as a Rice track man – and a boy dressed as an E.C.H.S. athlete. Flowers and ferns were around them and little favors on black and gold ribbons were just under the centerpiece. went to the track meet – Fred only won second in the events against “Tiny” Keen but he’s coming out first in the discus + shot at the conference.

May 1 – Gracious! Played for the radio tonite but the whole program fell thru. The rain and lightening was fierce and after a half hour of the program we ceased. Got drenched coming hom but I’m still here and going strong. Hope I have better luck next time.

May 4 – Senior Picnic! Went down about 2 o’clock in the car. In our crowd was Lula Frences, Joe Miller, Sister, Harry Sander, Moms, Aaron Cox, Sherrill Sullivan and me. We took in the ferris wheel, hobby horse and weight junk (?) that you hit. Somebody stole a box of our sandwiches but fortunately they left something else for us to eat. Had supper, then danced till nearly eleven. I had such a grand time and Van was so precious to me – our own Senior Day as perfect as a day could be.

May 5 – Left at 4:30 for the boat ride. Had such a wonderful time – ate lunch down there. Then walked around till the boat left. Fred told me of his U.S.A.A. success. Got home rather early but I’m so glad I went for I had such a glorious time and I do love boat rides.


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