Florence events July 2 – Aug 15, 1923

July 2 – “The Exciters” with myself

July 3 – Sis bobbed her hair. Mac, C.B., Jessamine, Ruth came over. Went swimming to S.E. Jr pool. Mac and Doc came home with us and we had a 10 o’clock lunch. Grand time.

July 4 – Planned on going canoeing to San Jacinto Battlegrounds, home lunch, back, Dad refused. Disappointment – Sis + I went to cousin Gladys’ then Bennett’s.

July 5 – “Doc” and I went to Dorothy Ethel’s – made candy. danced, played tag, etc. Met Wolcott Lay. He was awfully interesting. From Providence College an R. (?) I got home about 2 o’clock. Wonderful time.

July 6 – Date with John Will

July 7 – Took Sis to Aunt Florence’s to spend the night. The Welch’s came over and Zelda stayed all night. Date with Lewis.

July 8 – S.S. in morning with Lewis. Date with “Jimmy Elbert” Lee. Sis, Fred Cook, “Jimmy” and I drove out to the Canoe Club, saw the canoe then came back to the Isis to “Bell Boy 13” Boysens (?) – Grand time.

July 9 – Berniece came over then we went with Homer Smith to a dance in the Heights. Met Edwin MacAllister – a real cute boy.

July 10 – “Fog Bound” while the folks went swimming. Played violin, piano and sang for radio. Lewis and I sang “Beale Street Mama, “For 11” as duet. Wonderful time.

July 11 – To Sylvan – Glorious time. Roy, Sis, Fred Cook, Monty, Berniece, Lewis, me, Mama and Mrs. Mam. Drove down there and back. But ah! coming back!!! Got home about 1

July 12 – Fred + “Jimmy Elbert” came over. Saw a fire and a wreck.

July 15 – Awfully exciting experience with car. To S.S. Fun. Nathalie Pepperman came over in afternoon. Date with Lewis. Grand time.

July 18 – Swimming at Y.W. Date with Lewis to E. B. Park for movies.

July 19 – Swimming at Y. Date with Earnest Lee. To E.B. Park for band concert then swang in rings. Had watermelon at somewhere on Harrisburg Blvd.

July 20- Galveston with Auntie + Uncle Brown. Mama, Mac Fowler – Grand time! Had lunch, wrote cards, swam from 3:30 to 6:30 – Had supper, took in midway, I drove home. Most wonderful time I’ve had since house party.

July 21 – Swimming with Nathalie, Tennis with Mary Northrup. Sis, Lewis – Dog bit me on my leg – hurt like fury. scared me to death. Date with “Doc”

July 22 – S.S. with “Doc” – Laid up rest of day.

July 23 – Laid up

July 24 – Sis gave me a surprise swimming party at S.E.Jr. H for my birthday. Luncheon with girls – C.B., Mac, Martha, Celeste. Swimming again at Y with Nathalie. Supper with Bessie + Zelda. Date with Lewis. Drove out to Heights to see Berniece, stopped and had watermelon. Home. Fred sent me a box of candy, Lewis gold watch band, Dad $17 check. Aunt Anna, Japanese sunshade. Glorious day – 4 parties.

July 25 – To town. opened checking account. “Children of Jazz” with myself – to bed at 3.

July 26 – Dorothy Ethel’s birthday. Spend the day party – played bridge, danced, marked her cloths for school. bobbed a girl’s hair – nearly bobbed mine. Had grand eats – home at 6 – swimming at 7:30 at S.C. Jr. H. riding with 8 girls. Grand time, home at 12 worn out. Tired and sick.

July 28 – Aug 10 – Devers, Tex, rice farm. rest and peace!

Aug 12 – Date with Lewis

Aug 14 – Date with “Doc”

Aug 15 – “Enemies of Women” with Earnest Lee.


And now that the most glorious days of all my life are over, this book is through! There are a few pages – very few – which have not been filled. There are a few thrills which I have had which are not recorded in this book but all the parties, dances, dates – everything – I’ve put down. The happiest time of all was on the house party – the next best were the trips to Sylvan and Graduation Day. During this eventful year – almost everything possible has happened and I can truly say that no human ever had as grand a time and as full a time as I did. It was marvelous! I hate to see the end of this book come. I hate to know that I’ll never, never again be with these pals of mine whom I have learned to love. But all thru this wonderful book, there has been joy. and in years to come, when I look back on my 16th year – all the events, thrills, etc I’ll know that they were happy days.

And thus closes the graduation days – college starts in a few days – Sept 12, 1923.


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