Florence events June 12 – July 1, 1923

EVENTS – Con’t

June 12 – Bridge luncheon at Dorothy Ethel Seaman’s for Carriebelle Heavin. Had glorious time and good eats. Date with “Doc” He dropped in to see how the patient’s sunburn was

June 14 – A day of part rest – town with Mama, Jessamine, Ruth, Lewis, Dot at nite

June 15 – Bridge party – luncheon at Martha Robinson’s for graduates. “The Woman Who Came” at Rialto with Betty Lay, Dot Ethel. Bennett’s afterward. Date with “Doc” – marvelous time. More fun than ever.

June 16 – Miss Florence Sterling’s garden bridge party. Glorious time. Flat tire, Date with “Doc” for “Hearts Aflame” at Majestic. Glorious time.

June 17 – Galveston with Seamans. Had a wonderful time. Learned everything about Gal. Ate more than I  ever had. Got home about 8:30. Stayed at Dot’s til 10:30

June 18 – Miss Sterling’s bridge at Country Club for graduates – “Doc” dropped in.

June 20 – Date with Lewis – We went to church then argued over several very important things.

June 21 – Margaret Bonner’s Monte Carlo luncheon. Bridge at Fannie Bess Emery. Out to Heights to see Berniece. Took Dr. Mac home.

June 22 – Date with Doc. The Seaman’s came over to listen over the radio.

June 23 – Got up at 5 o’clock and went crabbing with Dot E, Nell, Harris, Betty Lay, Mr. and Mrs. Seaman. A crab borrowed a piece of Nell’s finger at Seabrooks. A Mr. Leyman took us for a ride on the “Dauntless” crabbed a little more – then went to the battlegrounds. Had lunch then slept. Left then drove home by the Clear Lake drive. Got home a little after 6. Dressed and left for Sylvan at 8 with Roy, Sis, Mrs. Marne, Edwin Shields from La Grange. Had a wonderful time. He was awfully nice to me. Got home at 2:30 nearly gone.

June 24 – Practiced for minstrel at Mac’s. “Doc” came home with me and told me just lots of things.

June 25 – Practiced for minstrel

June 26 – Minstrel at auditorium. at 4:30 Harvey called. talked to him half an hour. Went to Heights for Berniece. To auditorium with to practice once more. The minstrel was great. Had a glorious time. Afterwards we piled 11 in the car. “Doc” drove. the Burnside – Berniece and I were in the front. In back was the other Burnside, Mama, Sister, Wm Morgan, Mr. McGuffy (?) Dorothy Ethel Seaman, Marie Elizabeth Mills. We had lots of fun.

June 27 – Berniece and I took in “Souls for Sale” Perfectly glorious time.

June 28 – To Sylvan with the Seaman’s, Foot’s and “Doc.” A perfect time. It rained brickbats* and frogs, etc. but we had lots of fun. Met Lean. He’s a marvelous dancer. The ride home was just glorious. “Doc” was precious. He sang to me all the way home and it was just perfect – raining and lightening – but so wonderful.

June 29 – Picture show “Within the Law” by myself. To the Brown to see Auntie Nan at nite.

June 30 – A gumbo supper for Auntie Nan. Lewis came over at 7:45. Had some music and a jolly good time.

July 1 – Lewis went to SS with us. Had an adorable time. John Wild followed me in afternoon and finally caught me asked for my phone number (he has an adorable Buick Roadster) with Jessamine nearly all the rest of the time.


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