8/28/1923 I shall answer every letter you write as soon as possible but nothing more

Aug 28 – 23

My dear Fred –

I’d just like to tell you that you saved yourself from one of the biggest surprises you have almost every gotten! I shan’t tell you what it was but I’ll guarantee that it wouldn’t have been any too pleasant or thrilling. Reason: I haven’t heard from you for 5 days. I beg you to remember that I am not here for anyone’s convenience.

You can rest assured, my dear, I shall answer every letter you write as soon as possible but nothing more. “Give and take will friendship make.” This is positively the last thing I shall say to you about letters. Things are getting rather interesting again and I’m sure I can easily live 3 more weeks – and don’t kick if you don’t get letters as often as before – for I’m only answering them, C?

Never mind about Jessamine’s trip. After all she might not have it + it would waste your time to come home. Do as you planned and come back on the 16th. I thought you would be glad of an opportunity to come back sooner you’re not, so we’ll forget it. Of course, I concluded that you understood each girl could as a date, and if you happened to be here, I’d ask you – but never mind. You need never feel that you’re pushing yourself with the gang. They used to expect you where ever I was – but I guess things have changed for both of us. Forget all about the Sylvan trip + as you planned, stay til the 16th since you’re not anxious to grab an opportunity. I’ll let you know perhaps if anything is said, or planned.

Well, my dear, of course I’m not so “extremely out of proportion!” I just want to pull off about 10 more lbs, and if Jessamine can do it, + stay thin, I can too. This will be permanent. It’s not all coming off at once. I’ve been at it nearly 3 weeks and I’ve lost 10 lbs, so it’s slow + not so hard. But, take it from me, brother, it sure takes courage to turn down cake + candy (and I just had a big box given to me – Sob Sob!)

You ask me if I knew you wrote 3 letters in between my letters last week. No, I hadn’t known about it. I got one Mon, one Wed and the other 2day, and I’ve written at least that many.

No, I’m not going to S.M. or S.A*, the folks wouldn’t let me.

Bradfield called me this morning. I nearly fell over. I was so surprised I couldn’t talk. Sullivan (!?!) called me the other day but I wasn’t home + he had to go back before I got home. I nearly passed out – all the R I** crowd is drifting back – one by one. Well, I must go have lunch.

As ever – Florence

* San Marcos and San Angelo

** Rice Institute


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