8/31/1923 Remember, I’m simply living until you come home to me

Fri afternoon

Dearest boy –

Only a line for right now. I’m off the world again – off so far that it’s going to take a few tons of cement to stock back on. I can’t tell you about it – but things are pretty dark now.

I’m headed for a couple of girl’s homes in hopes I can forget it. So I shan’t write much. I didn’t want a day to go by without a letter for you have been so precious about writing to me lately. A letter every day this week except Mon.

I’ve been waiting, waiting for Mrs. Barron to call but she hasn’t. I want to know how Mary came out but it seems almost hopeless for her to call before I leave. She called me at 7 this morning and told me Mary was to be operated on and that she’d call me as soon as she came out from under the influence of the ether.

I’m going to write you a long letter tonite, dear boy – if I can. I might not get to, but I’m going to try. I’m sorry this is only a note but it will have to do.

Remember, I’m simply living until you come home to me. It will be a big help to me and your folks want you, too.

They need you now, and I am wanting you more than ever.

As ever

your Florence.


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