9/4/1923 Beware of my wit today for I shall surely use it on u.

Tuesday 1:30 pm

Dearest Fred –

I shall make this short and sweet as pretty soon I must wend my way townward. Thursday is to be an eventful day! And thus to the end of the week. Wed, too Thurs, afternoon is a bridge party for C.B. and Thurs nite Mac entertains – dancing. Fri. we give a big blowout Sat, well, can’t be told and Sunday!!! I wonder what??? 4 more days.

You surely told me some great news in your letters. Oh glory! I see some fun ahead of Florence. Know what it is?

I’m sorry Ike won’t come with you but perhaps he will get here for the dance Fri nite. I wanted to wait til next week for the party so you could be here with the gang but C.B. leaves Sun or Mon. Dot E leaves Tuesday. We might be able to round up the rest but I doubt it. I don’t know whether it would be as you expected tho and I’d rather leave you with good memories of the gang, C? C’est ne pas.

I wouldn’t ask you to come sooner. I wish you could, tho’ And I wish Mary could be here, but she won’t be well enough Ruth is still laid up, too. and she was taken to Bay Ridge in an ambulance last Fri.

It has rained here until we’re nearly under water. All day yesterday it rained, they had the parade but it was a wet one.

And I labored – Heavens! I cleaned my room until it shone, sewed like fury, then swam for an age, and went to bed late and tired.

Your folks will be here when you get back, I know it will be quite a while before Mary is able to go back. I haven’t seen either of them yet, or Mrs. Barrow yet. I assure you, it is not my fault. I expect to take your mother out riding real soon. Now, ain’t I sweet? I was going there Sun but I didn’t want Dad to raise Cain, so I stayed home. U know, he’s sorta queer, and he insists I’m running after the family, but I know I’m not and my dear boy, I know I’ll love everyone of them and because Dad is rather old-fashioned and queer, that shan’t keep me away. Don’t feel badly, Mother’s behind me, and she’s anxious to see them as I am. Mary is still too weak to have company, especially the kind that would excite her so I can’t go yet, but I shall at the first chance I get.

So you can’t feature the notorious paragraph. Let’s hear your version. Which one were you referring to, dragging me screaming through the streets, or the other one? Tell me how you figure it out and I’ll guarantee I’ll explain. How did you take it? Huh? You see, I’ve told you my version ’cause what I wrote is my sentiments eggsactly!

Our anniversary is your father’s birthday! How strange! but I’m glad, for then you can never forget that date, never (even if you wanted to) and you were thrilled when I came into the room minus the paint, mask and gypsy costume? And you were not disappointed? Ah! my dear! I shouldn’t even begin to tell you my feelings, right after all the thrill of buying (or trying out) the car!

Nothing ever happens that is interesting. Well! if I won’t give you the groom’s boquet of hand picked grapenuts!!! awarded for the queerest person, also the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th prizes, whatever they might be.

Nothing ever happen! Such a dead town! Heavens! child, come home and caro mia, I’ll attempt to show you a little excitement and a few thrills and maybe I might find a few real thrills for myself. I hope so, for I’m positively dying for a little excitement and if I don’t get it I shall say “goodbye, cruel world” and jump off a cliff “That’s a bluff) Ha Ha.

Beware of my wit today for I shall surely use it on u.

So E.C.H.S. won’t be forgotten, I assure you C.H.S won’t either for oodles of them are coming out.

Well, the folks have gone to the double header baseball today. Beaumont + Houston. I shall go to town,  hunt dresses and ribbons + a date book, but I must write a few more letters.

Au revior, faithful one, Je vous adorez



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