Saturday, March 2

Sweetheart mine,

Words are so weak when one’s heart is full. Haven’t you found it so? And I couldn’t either in words or in writing tell you my thoughts today.

My great big adorable boy is 22! Goodness! Somehow, tho, I never connect you with age. I never think of you as being a certain age. I think of you not in human age but in ideal character. You didn’t know that, did you? When I think of you which is only once a day (and that is all day long) I think of honor, trust, truth, strength, gentleness and love. What, dearest boy, could a girl value more in a boy than these qualities?

Dearest boy, it doesn’t seem that I’ve known you for a year and 4 months, does it? Still, I can scarcely remember the time when Fred wasn’t my whole thought! You’ve meant so much to me especially since I’ve loved you really – Sometimes you seem almost too good to be true.

Big Cap’n Fritz, do you know Fate has been wonderful to us? Haven’t things just turned out wonderfully? Sometimes it’s hard for us to bear our school work and not being together very much, but Fred, dear heart, have you stopped to think for a second that perhaps Fate is keeping us separated until our love is proven. Until we find it is the kind of love which will last – which will endure the tests of life. If it is, then we’ll always be happy, if not, then, Big Boy, it’s best that we find out without heartache. Don’t you think so? But perhaps it’s all for the best, who knows?

Dear heart, do you remember a year ago, at your birthday party? Oh, you’ll never know how happy it made me to see you pleased over that party. Why, all the trouble, thoughts, time and worry for fear it wouldn’t be a success were all repaid when you told me what a wonderful surprise and thrill it was! I love to do things for you, Fred.

Why, I wouldn’t trade you off for 2 bits!!!

Did you think perhaps, that I had forgotten your birthday? It hasn’t been mentioned between us, but do you suppose I could forget my big boy’s birthday? I never forget those things, n’est ce-pas?

These are the physics laws I told you I had to learn before I came out, C?

And Fred, isn’t it grand that we’ll have the opportunity to be together on your birthday. I was scared all my plans would go astray because unless I cut class in the morning I couldn’t see you because you had lab all afternoon. I was just wondering how I could just wish you a happy birthday and tell you I loved you and it seemed to be impossible under the circumstances, than our angel of goodness and love came in and said we would have a holiday! Couldn’t I have shouted?

Boy Howdy!

Haven’t the Fates been grand to us? Even if you weren’t with me on my birthday, you were here in mind – and I can always know you’d like to be here.

Things have been wonderful! and every day makes me know I love you better than nearly anything on this great green Earth. You’re such a glorious boy!

You’re expecting me soon, so I had best stop.

Always and ever your own darling



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