6/5/1924 A dance is almost meaningless and dull when you aren’t there

June 5, 1924

Dearest of all big athletes

Did you think your very own darling would even consider letting you go off where you couldn’t hear from her very often without fixing up some plan for making you remember that there’s always one who loves you back in the home town (not meaning El Campo) waiting – waiting – watching every mail for a word, and waiting til the one she loves comes back. (Gosh, that’s all one sentence – some mouthful! SO here’s my plan. In each of the enclosed letters you’ll find something to remind you that there’s one in the world who has stuck by you thru thick and thin. There’s one, big boy, who can’t say she’s glad to see you leave her, but who is really so proud that it is her “Cap’n Bog Boy” who is getting the honors and glory which he has earned and deserved.

Of course, dear heart, I haven’t been thinking or considering the Olympics when I’ve refused to either let you go to dance, etc. because you were training. Somehow, it never entered my mind that you would ever gain the fame and glory you have now. I was only trying to be the pal you love. I only wanted to help you train and keep the temptation out of your way. It was hard sometimes to say “no” when people would ask me to a dance. i wouldn’t go with another boy, for somehow, strangely, it’s never the same without Fred. A dance is almost meaningless and dull when you aren’t there. Boys in comparison with you are so darned incipid and shallow compared with my Big Boy. So I’d rather sacrifice my fun, and wait until Fred can go with me, and then I’d know I’d have a better time. You know, they say when a person’s in love they think, dream and exist on but one thing, that’s the one of their dreams. And, of course, neither your heart nor mine have been moved by the “gentle passion” of love. Personally, at the present moment I’m immune from loving —– (anyone but you)

I never realized or believed that you would ever go as far up in sports as you have. I tried to help you train merely because it was right, because I wanted you to win. And Fred, you have won! Do you know that you have gained the next highest step in Sportsdom, and do you know that deep, deep in her heart Gypsy Sunshine believes that strength (which at times you have used on me, pardon) will somehow come forth and make you throw that discus far – far out into the field – and win – perhaps a second place. The gypsy who knew you at first, and who later took you into her heart and home prophesies that you won’t be beaten.

If you follow the directions on the rest of the letters I’m sure you won’t get horribly lonesome for me and I’m also sure that even tho you are chasing around too much to get many letters, these that are here will keep you from being too lonesome. Remember, tho, Big Boy, I love you almost better than life itself, and win for me, won’t you?


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