6/10/24 Men are surely queerly built creatures

Tuesday, June 10, 1924

Hi there, old record breaking scout!

Are you going to set the world’s record in the discus throw held at Paris? Or maybe you’ll break all previous records and blossom forth like the Baylor freshman did! not!!! Well, here’s wishing you luck, and victory. Remember, there’s always one behind you pushing you as far on as she can.

I’ve been fighting the blue devils and myself lately. I simply couldn’t persuade myself that I wanted you to win and then go to Paris. I knew it wasn’t right for me to feel that way, and I determined to clear my thought: for you couldn’t possibly win with selfishness and blueness in my heart. So Bravo! I have called forth the unselfish love which has helped you win the other meets and can’t fail you in this one, and now we’re going to win!!!! You know, I had to adjust myself to being without you. I had to quit wishing and wishing for you, and I had to stop the ache in my heart.

You’ve gone for nobler, for better things, you’ve earned what you get and, my dearest boy, no one deserves it and is more worthy of it than you. Even Rice says so! and what is even more, Big Boy, what you are doing now will go down in history. For Rice Honor – Rice Glory! Come on, Rice is betting on Stancliff! All your friends are betting on you! People who have never  before been enthused over Rice athletics say they’ll “hand it to Stancliff!” He’ll put Rice on the map! and he’ll go across! Everyone is betting Stancliff! Your mother is so proud of her boy! And Mary – and oh! everyone admits Rice has never yet had a real athlete who counted! and they almost speak your name with awe! Everyone claims you! and after all, you’re really divided between 2 people, your mother and me! I won’t say that I’m proud of you, for, of course, I’m not at all, but never the less I’m waiting for my telegram and when I get it you’ll find whether I’m proud or not!

Incidentally, that same telegram either keeps me here or sends me away! Betty Buhler and Dimple have both invited me to visit them this summer. I told them I thought I would go to El Campo sometime during the summer and they said be sure and tell them when so that they could come get me and take me back to see them. Then from there, I’ll go to San Marcos, then San Antonio! I don’t look forward to this trip so violently much, for I believe I’d much rather have you here than to leave, but since you can’t be here, and since you’ve done things “For Rice’s Honor” why, I’ll just go ahead and be happy. After all, big boy, there’s all next year!!!

I went to see Betty and Dimple last nite, those are two of the sweetest girls I ever met. Mrs. Buhler knows Mother real well, they used to play together in Victoria, and Miss Dean remembers all Mother’s family. Also Miss Dean praised Stancliff up to the skies (and carried me with her) and she knows Stancliff has a marvelous chance to win, etc, etc, etc!!!! I say and listened, and thrilled and thrilled! ‘Cause I felt way down deep in my heart, I had done just a tiny bit toward helping him win so far, and that I was sponsor of the track team, and the Captain’s darling and inspiration, and after all, Fred needs me, and that is sweet to know. Heaven knows I’ve tried to love you with a sweet, pure, unselfish love, and I don’t think I’ve failed. So, Big Freddy boy, come on, let’s go! and win! Stancliff of Rice won’t disappoint us! Everybody says so. And Rice has never had another like him, and will never have another! For there’s never another like Fred, and there will never be another. They made the pattern then destroyed it and were satisfied with their work! And right they were. And, big boy, I’m not kidding or joking, or handing a line when I say that!

Yesterday, I went the picture show and saw the Pathe news. They showed scenes taken at the recent meet at Cambridge, but only pictures of the runners. Just think, If you win, you might have the movies snap your picture!!! My goodness!!!

Great honk, but it’s hot! Anyone would think I had just come out of a swim, and hadn’t dried off. Oh, it’s awful.

We went to my uncle’s yesterday and borrowed some of his clothes. Oh! man, such a boy as I’m going to make. We tried it all out last nite, laughed so much we were actually weak. Now, here’s the costume, white sport shoes (very sporty!) white flannel trousers (and oh boy, they fit!) a white shirt (with sleeves about 5 inches too big around, and much, much too long. Men are surely queerly built creatures) a real striking looking silk tie (and I can tie it, too, as you found out) a blue coat, and I’ll tell the world it fits! Couldn’t want better! We couldn’t find a straw hat that would look even natural on us, so I guess  we’ll compromise on a felt one. My hair will be slicked straight back and if I do say it myself, I don’t make a terribly ugly boy but it’s so plain that I’m a girl. Anybody could tell, by my walk, but mainly by my mop. I’m used to girl’s ways!But, say, you know I used to wish I was a boy. I used to say oh, if I was only a boy! Say, one nite of wearing collars and long sleeves will be more than enough! (Give me my sleeveless dresses!! and low necks! Those collars that nearly choke a person and coats! Great honk! Being a girl isn’t so all fired bad, after all. There are heaps of disadvantages but, I believe, I’ll take them and sleeveless dresses and no coats and great grief even tho boys do wear socks, Skirts fly yo be sure, but -oh-heck I’m glad I wasn’t born a boy. Now, if I could be a boy like you who could do something, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, but gosh! to be a boy, and a nobody. I’ll take my life in girl’s clothing. Whew, We’re going to take some pictures and if I can I I’ll send you some! Oh! man, as a bot, I make the best golf club you ever saw!

Well, I guess I had better ring off. When you’re gone I spend half my time writing to you; when you’re here I spend about 1/4 of my time with you or talking to you, due either to studies or to – well track, or something. I wonder how it would feel to have you here with only your days taken up. Oh, my dear boy, I can’t imagine having more than a Sat nite date with you. But I fear me greatly that this summer shall pass, and next fall will come before Frederick Jacob Stancliff will return home from a few months of travel and fame across the bounding deep! But, Fred, old timer, I’m betting on you! I ask only one thing, that is, that you write to me every tinyest chance you get.

And remember whether you win or not, you’ve already put Rice on the map! and that we all love you tho you taste the fruits of victory or defeat, just come back to us the same old dear boy. But I am sure “For Rice’s Honor and Rice’s Glory, we will fight on” you with your strength, and me with my love and pride for you. Let’s go, big boy, we’ve done it before. We can do it again, can’t we.

With all the love in the world from the same old pal


Forgot to tell you I was going to sport your medal around for a watch fob. Wish I had your little own or the Olympic medal, boy Howdy!



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