6/15/1924 looking at this glorious moon now


Let me know eggs actly when you get in and I might be able to meet u!

Hi there old skyscraper!

(I’m a bungalow beside you. You’re the Woolworth bldg! Being so tall, u no! and me being such a small inconsequential himan. You know, they call me Shorty.)

So!!!!! After all, there’s no record broken! No gold medals gotten! No world’s record broken! and no new one made by you. Wal, now, I don’t know ` but the general opinion is that ~ well, we love you just the same. I really believe more, cause it would have been such a lonely, useless, hateful old world all summer without you on the other side of the pond! and me way down here. So I’m frightfully sorry you didn’t go across for your own sake, big boy, but you’re yet young, very young, and there’s oodles of time yet to make oodles of money and take Europe in, and have a longer and perhaps more pleasant voyage, and perhaps, even – Well, I shan’t jump at conclusions for that’s against my code of morals.

Well, anyway, training’s over! Muchly over, after 6 months of training, oodles of trips, two medals won and a trip to New Orleans, then to Cambridge, why training’s over! Say may I breathe with you? And say, might I offer you a piece of  dee-li-shious home made cake!!! I know you’ll look at it hard, and say “Please don’t tantalize me, darling! I’ve been in training so long and so faithfully. I’ve just forgotten how to eat good cake!” And I’ll look real sorry for you, and say “Never mind, Freddy boy. I’ve helped you train and I know all about it. So I’ll be good to you and eat it for you!” And I gobble it all up (I guess I should say down) and they lived happily ever after.

Say, old man, hurry up and come home. One of my old time friends are going to get married June 25 and I want you to take me to the wedding! Did you ever go to a wedding, huh? Well, I’ll ‘initiate’ you, and tell you how to act. Ha Ha! You know I used to be in so many weddings! In fact, I was the groom at one! Now that’s better’n you cud ever be!

Now, let’s see! The girls’ boy dance has went. We had a d–m good time and a h–l of a lot o’ fun! Hush, Fred, you know I wouldn’t say such to another human (man) living. I don’t cuss often you know, But I’ll save the boy dance til you come home!

And I have the Mah Jong fever! and I’m threatening to unearth the country. All I do is play, and it’s worlds of fun. I’m going to teach you to be the shot! and I’ll be the gun! Now, chew that a while.

Also the picnic has went! We had more fun, and more eats! Man you missed one of the best times in the world. You say you don’t like to pick out crabs. Well, listen! We had wonderful gumbo, with the flippers and claws of 3 1/2 dozen crabs picked out in it. Man! Don’t faint! I nearly did, but good!!! Training or not, you would have dived in head first and been a real grub hand! Yes, sir-eee. And more other junk than you could imagine! Then we played Mah Jong all afternoon at 5:30 we donned our scant bathing suits and went for a plunge! I ran nearly a mile, too. All the way out to the end of the pier! And winded! Gosh! However, only a half at a time, 1/2 out, then the swim, and 1/2 back. That makes a whole mile, doesn’t it? Approximately, anyway! For supper we had worlds of fried crabs and I never ate so much in my life! And do much cake! And, well, I’ll hush. I forgot you had been in training for so long, but durn come a tootin’, it’s all over now! We took a walk after supper – I was alone most of the time, and I watched the moonlight, and thought, perhaps, Freddy boy way up north is looking at this glorious moon now, too. and then came the distressing news that it’s an hour later up there than it is down here, and perhaps, after all, you were sleeping. But who could sleep with a moon like that in the heavens! and shining down on the water. Well, perhaps, someday we’ll be able to watch another moon-light nite together when you won’t be in training. Hoot man, ain’t ye glad that the work am did!

Say, sling bloke! Go like hellee allee somee. That’s Chinese flavored with nutmeg!

Talked to your mother nearly half an hour Friday morning, then 15 minutes Fri afternoon, about half an hour Sat before I left, after I got the telegram, then a while this afternoon. Nice mother that of yours!

If you’ve ever been in an utterly impossible mood you’ll know just the condition I’m in. I assure you I’m so sore outside that my insides have to feel mighty queer to keep in sympathy. So, as the Chink says, Sling bloke! Go like hellee allee somee. And I shan’t slam up the receiver this time. I’ll say good bye very gracefully.

Lovingly as usual,



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