8/4/1924 Everything’s blurred and backwards

9:15 pm Sunday

The Alamo City


My Dearest Big Boy,

Hero to the rescue! Please come help me. You never knew a more tired more utterly worn out and bruised girl in you life. Oh, I’m impossibly sore! and sick! In the first place. I’m so darned homesick I could cry with every breath-and I want you. And, second, today has been some excitement. At about 11 o’clock we started for New Braunfels, about 30 miles from here. Fred, honestly, it is wonderful. The clear, cold water, all the seaweed, the beautiful rustic spots where one could just live forever, and forget the world. the glorious swimming pool, etc. were marvelous! We had a glorious time. Two cars of us went. My aunt + uncle in one, their 2 kids + me, then my other aunt, her 2 adventurous boys + Sis in the other car – and off we set!

We took a little boat trip up the river after dinner, then we took a little walk, then we took a big swim. My dear, the water was like crushed ice! I nearly froze to death. We stayed in about 3 hours. It’s the clearest,  coldest water I was ever in. I guess I swam miles. But I went across the whole pond holding a show with one hand trying not to get it wet, and I was nearly gone. Sis had to drag me in, But now for the 5 thrills. so new and so maddeningly scary. Really, I’ve been scared before, but never so much so I could hardly move. Here’s the way it was.

There’s a big trolly up on a high stand. I shall draw you a little picture of it. (see letter for illustration)

Anyway. It’s up about as high as the second story of a house – or higher – It looks like it’s up in the sky. But you climb a ladder – a very crazy one, too. and then you climb another ladder. and you finally ascend near Heaven. Then you grab hold of the trolley, give a push, and down you go. Well, I got as far as grabbing the rope, but I was too scared to turn loose and go down. Oh, I was paralyzed. I knew I’d never live to get over it. I couldn’t be a piker so I grabbed for dear life, gritted my teeth, and prayed the good Lord for quick deliverance. I was too scared to scream. But, Fred, it’s fun. Why, it’s the biggest + best thrill I’ve had. Oh, it’s mortally thrilling and scary. I went down 3 times and each time I was as scared as before. Then they all went over to a sliding board as long as a house with one fierce dip in  it. Well, still I couldn’t be a piker, and I was so scared I couldn’t breathe but I closed my eyes + fears + slid and it was slow torture. When I hit the water it was worse then all the spankings you could ever give me. Heavens! But it was anther thrill. That makes 4. Then the fifth was – I saw Bernice there. I think I’m going up there Wed. Bernie was down there for a swim and you can imagine my surprise to see her of all people. We filled up on hamburgers then came home about 8:30 so tired we could hardly move. I’m so tired I hardly have energy enough to drag this pencil across the page. I’m going at snail’s pace even now.

Dear heart, I’m so lonesome for you. You know, I’ve been gone 1 whole day, but so much has happened in those 2 days, I’ve nearly lost all count. The trip was awfully long and terribly tiresome and horribly boring, and I was so dead + my eyes hurt so much, and oh! I was all in. I unpacked and then went to bed. But I couldn’t sleep. So I got up and watched a big search light up town, and cried a little, then I went back to bed + cried myself to sleep for Mother and Fred. I have never been homesick before, but I wanted to pass out. Trip or no trip, I wanted to be home. Today however, I’m a little more sensible and I’m not so impossible, but I’ll tell you, if I don’t get over this very soon, I’m going to wire you to meet me at a certain train, and I’ll be home.

I’m in the dearest home, and everything’s so nice, but – oh well, I’ll get over it.

Say, I’m so sleepy I can’t write anymore. Everything’s blurred and backwards, so I’ll have to say goodnite.

I’m going down to have  shampoo + water wave set in my hair + get some gunk to get my hair to grow, so I have to get up early.

‘Scuse this goofy letter.

I’m your own but sleepy.




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