8/4/1924 I’m so dog gone proud of myself, I’m getting the swell head



Dearest of all dears,

Wish I could instill some of my pep into you. It would be so easily done. But the only way to instil that pep is thru letter.

Man, first let me tell you. I went swimming yesterday and oh, such a delicious swim! It had been so hot all day and oh! that water was ice. I swam about an eighth of a mile, which isn’t very far, then stopped and got my wind, and rested, then swam another 8th up to the deep part, The pool is about 1/4 mile in length. I was all in, of course, and things for pretty black. Well, I swam about 30 minutes, and then we had to get out. But Sis + Maylee were at the dining board which was at the extreme end of the pool, so I went up there to get them. They decided to dine a little more, then come out. And I got real brave, plunged in and determined to go to the shallow end 1/4 mile away without stopping. Oh, man, it was the longest swim I ever, ever took! and I nearly choked + strangled half way thru. I did the crawl, swimming mostly under water, you know, all the way, and Fred, I swam all the way! I’m so dog gone proud of myself, I’m getting the swell head! Really?

I’ve only lately learned the crawl stroke, and man, to think I swam 1/4 mile. Dog gone it all, you know why it makes me feel so good? Well, simply because you excel so darned high in all other athletics, and you are worth while in most everything but swimming, and you’re going to be in that some day, but I’m sorta catching up in the other things but I sure out shine you in the water, and I’m so proud of it, I could shout. Man, you’re going to have the race of your life if you try to beat me in the water. Come on, old socks, and see where you land. Don’t watch me dust, but watch my splash. I’ll chase you to Jerico and back. Ha-Ha!!!

You better learn to swim. Don’t let a mere girl, even if she is your girl, out shine you in any athletics. And say, don’t hold your breath to swim. My dear, I’m such a fish I breath under water. Mercy, you can’t make 3 strokes without having to stop + take another breath. Oh boy, I’m dying to get home and show Fred Stancliff the champion weight man of the South something about athletics. Ha-Ha

Say, sweetheart, don’t get offended at all this. Truly, I didn’t mean to razz you so hard, but as I said I’m so dog gone proud of myself I could eat ice cream – woof woof!

But here’s another thing that peps me up. I’ve chased away every one of the blue devils except a big longing to see Freddie-Boy. But I feel a world better. Are you sorry? I’m not, for now I can enjoy my trip. Yes, sir, really enjoy it. And don’t worry, dear old pal, when I can conveniently and politely slip away from these folks, I shall come sailing back to you. Remember “The Love Ship”

“Sail back, little love ship

Sail back into port.

Sail back with your treasure of gold.”

Your love ship will sail home soon, dear. Only my conscience makes me stay, altho now I’m going to enjoy it a little more.

I want you dreadfully, Fred dear. Each minute and each day makes the longing stronger in my heart. And oh! dearest heart, I wish you were here.

Ira Boyd yesterday looked up at me, with real big eyes and said “Where’s Fred?” I said “Darling, Fred is at home in Houston.” He said “I love him. Why won’t he come over here?” I said “I love him, too, and he can’t come over here.” Ira Boyd wanted to know why. I said, “Cause he had to stay home and make money to buy him some eats and a place to stay, and then save some to go to school.” Then the bright child asked me if I got any of Fred’s money. I said “Well, hardly, it hasn’t come to the point of his sharing his money with me?” He wanted to know what you made it for, if not to give it to me.

Well, I gave up and admitted defeat in the 3rd round.

Maryanna asked my why Fred didn’t come over to see me, I told her because he lacked the spendulies. Isn’t that so?

Listen, may I ask you something? Why no letter today? Are you so blue that you haven’t even the energy or desire to write me? You know, I feel just a tiny bit hurt when you don’t write. It’s true that it seems unnecessary to write every day, but you know I’ve braved the ridicule and being made fun of by these folks who say I do absolutely nothing except write letters and most of those letters are to Fred. I don’t agree with them, of course, but, dear boy, they say that I shouldn’t write you every day because you don’t answer them. If you wrote every day, you would have the right to demand a letter every day, Big Boy, I’ve stood that nearly every day, but in spite of it, I continue to write you every day, almost religiously as I eat. Now, dear, I realize how hard it is to write when you don’t feel well, when you’ve come home tired and Emily cuts up her usual tricks, etc, and oh, I realize and understand, but the other folks don’t. But I have had 3 days to go by and not a word from Fred. I got a dear special Mon nite, no letter Mon, of course, and none – No, wait, that’s wrong. I didn’t get a letter Mon. a special Tuesday, no letter Wed, and here Thursday has nearly passed, and still no letter. Well, dear boy, I shan’t fuss, but I do wonder. When it’s twice as hard, inconvenient and difficult for me to take the time to write, why I’ve managed somehow to write nearly every day. I’ve missed only 2 days I think since I’ve been gone.

I started to send this other letter special, then put this one in another envelope, so you’d get one tonite and then one tomorrow. But it’s too late for the morning train, so I shan’t do it. You won’t get it any sooner so I shan’t.

I can’t or won’t promise you so many more letters. Perhaps I can write – perhaps not.

According to these folks, I never get thru writing letters, and, of course, I must write to Mother and others.

Well, I must go Sis + I are going to town for lunch.

So au revior for now.

I love you hugly.

Your own,



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