Journal entries Jan 1-7, 1925

From my dear old Hippety Hop, Christmas 1924

My Preface

Diary dear, little Blue Book of secrets. I’ve wanted you for so long and so hard that now that I have you, you seem just too good to be true. I can never thank Hop enough for you. You’re something which will be filled with me – just me. and what I do to pass these days – college days – days of fun and study – days of happiness and sorrow. Who knows what will occur in the 5 years of this dear little book? I will be nearly 24 years old. I will have graduated from Rice, possible or will be married? Will Fred still be leading man, and will I have a dear old pal, Hop, like I have now? Little Blue Book, what will happen? I’ve started Jan 1, 1925 and I’ll end Dec. 31, 1929. Five long years! Laughter and tears, hopes and fears. Little Secret Book, I love you. I wonder if you’ll be full of just Fred, or I wonder who else will come in for his share. Five years to come! I’m young, healthy, and free – and five years before me. Ah, who knows?

January 1, 1925

New Year’s Day

Just a marvelous way to start the new year – with Fritz. Didn’t get up till late, and then had dinner with Bob, Mira, Fred, and the folks. To “Peter Pan” at the Queen with Fred and his sis, then Miss Stephenson came in to renew acquaintances. To make things perfect, Fred and I took in the Palace. A wonderful day.

January 2, 1925

Diary, dear, the drudgery has begun again. I’d be lost without it, but I so dislike all this studying. Saw all the old gang today and resumed old relationships. Home then to Jessamine’s to see her nephew, then to town and to Natalie’s – spent the evening alone. Jack called and fussed at me. Diary, I just found out Annie Malo & Johnny were married. After a romance of about 10 years! Gracious!

January 3, 1925

Was a day ever so full! School till 12, at Autry House, home, then to town. Lunch. Jack called. To Helen Nina Scott’s bridge. Boring time with the younger “sophisticated” set. To cousin (?) then to (?) for supper. Jack came at 7 and we went to Mr Reno’s. Home at 7:30 then to basketball game with Fred. Won 35-31. A wonderful date with Fritz – but oh dear God, please help me. I’m so badly in need of it. I’d give Fred my very soul if I could, but I just can’t and I can’t say so!

January 4, 1925

Diary dear, I do so want to be better. Mother + I had a long, long talk tonite. I wish I could live a better life and be more worthy of her teachings, but it’s so hard! Went to S.S. took Fred out to school to see Mr Asheraft after dinner. I wrote some letters, then went riding with Fred. Experienced my first real taste of jealousy today. Wish I didn’t love Fred quite so much. Studied a while tonite. Oh Little Blue Book, I wish I could make myself al over and just to order. I’d try to be so much better. I do want to be just a true “girl” instead of a “creature of moods”; sentimental and changeable. I do!

January 5, 1925

School till 12:30, lunch, then to town. Finally bought me a coat – brown trimmed in fox fur – a dear little coat. After supper, I took a bath, then Jack came. I had such a terrible headache – so violent. Was in bed by eleven and then the night dragged by. Oh, it was awful – It’s my eyes again. Will they never cease to ache?

January 6, 1925

Didn’t go to sleep till 5, so I had neither the desire or the strength to go to school. Stayed in bed all day and got up at 6 for supper. My first day in bed for about 3 years! Diary, one’s eyes are so valuable, but they can hurt so badly. The phone was out of order and Fred couldn’t phone. Didn’t meet him this morning and I guess he thinks the world has collapsed.

January 7, 1925

Isn’t it strange how we mortals have to pay for every ounce of joy we get out of this old world. I had a glorious time thru Xmas week – all the parties – and good times, but was that worth all the strain and suffering it has caused. I strained my eyes – now I’m feeling the effects. Had a rotten time at school the went to the oculist this afternoon. Have to have new lenses in my glasses and wear them all the time. That’s better than headaches!


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