Diary: January 8-14, 1925

January 8

It’s raining so hard outside. It’s beginning our sloppy, wet winter – maybe! Cut history class this morning to be with Fred. Went home + Sis read some history and Eng. to me. To gym at 1:30. Fred + I rode around while the girls worked out. I didn’t feel equal to it at the time with my eyes so bad. Then to town, shopped, + Anna Helen, Sis + I went to “His(tory) Hour at the Queen (Theater)” Quite rare, but not as rare as I expected! Bought a hot dog, came home, and I spent the whole evening writing to Hop.

January 9

It’s so late – nearly 12 o’clock – I’m utterly worn out! After three awful classes, we came home to find mother in tears – just crying because she was so glad to see us. So we fixed lunch then spent nearly all afternoon with her. She seems to be depressed and upset and dizzy. But we poured some(?) love til she became worlds better. And I do so thank divine Love for letting us have Science to help us in our hour of need. Just to put our trust in God is wonderful! Studied all nite nearly for History exam tomorrow. Oh, I do thank God so much for Science + for Mother.

January 10

Will the ache never leave my head? Mother was better today. After school, we went to town, then went again this afternoon. Oh, I was so tired! Then Fred and I went to the Palace. Can I ever forget Eveta Nudsen as she was tonite? “Oh, my Raymond, my laddie, my baby.” Diary, I wish Fred did not care for me so much – I am torn with doubts of myself. Do I love him? I do in a way, but oh! why this feeling of not being quite sure. Why the doubt that when I’m tired always comes out in irritation? Why?

Side note: as I was looking up Eveta Nudsen, I discovered this little tidbit: At this time, The Palace Theater was host to several regular stock players, including one man who would later tell Miss Scarlett O’Hara that he frankly didn’t give a damn. (Clark Gable)

January 11

What a wonderful day which ended in tears. Went to S.S. (?) stayed and talked, then met Fred. We had a wonderful, but rather a queer talk. At 3 Jack called + asked me to go to the Ship Channel with him and his brother + date. We went aboard the Barcelona, a marvelous time – not especially with Jack, but just looking. Home at 6 + Fred called. Blessed me out for having gone, etc, etc, and I asked him to come out. Spent the whole evening battling with jealousy and myself, and pasting pictured in my book. Jealousy? Oh, what’s the use, diary?

January 12

School, to the Gables for lunch, back to gym. A marvelous time there. To town. After supper Fred called and oh! Diary, I don’t know which way to turn. I can’t give up Hop, and I can’t endure Fred’s jealousy or his ideas of spite. I just feel hopeless at a standstill. Studied and thought all evening. Diary, I’m almost depressed.

January 13

Oh, Fred was so blue today! So to try to cheer him up, I went back after the 11:30 class. I succeeded. Went to gym. Had a marvelous time, but I’m so sore. Talked to Mrs. Welch a while then went to the library for some History books. Studied tonite. Diary, I got a picture of Hop today. You can’t imagine what it looks like beside Fred. The contrast of the two boys and I still don’t know my own mind!

January 14

A boring morning at school, back to lab at 1:30 – some more boredom. Fooled away the afternoon. After supper, studied a then Janet Allen came over for some gym. We had a grand time. I’m so glad I met Fred and that he was such a wonderful athlete that he gave me the desire to be good in athletics, too. I do so enjoy the sports. and Diary, even if I am not sure of myself, I do love Fred!


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