February 2, 1925

Big boy, best and only one in the world.

You insisted that I tell you my huge desire tonite, but how in heck could I with Miss Fordtran near? She’s like those old classic men of the Middle Ages who believed in reason above emotion. She believes one should control their his emotions! Well, I can’t see it that way, and so I don’t do it, but I couldn’t just fling out in the face of all that, the desire of my heart. It happened to be to just throw my arms around out and half squeeze the life out of you. Why? Well, I’ll even tell you that. I can’t explain it. It’s just one of those unexplainable feelings one often has. There is a certain ring in your voice, Fred, over the phone that you can’t get in one’s presence. (Perhaps it’s very fortunate because of the results!) But tonite in the way you talked and the tone, why, it gave me such a thrill I couldn’t even talk. Why, my first thought was, Fred if I only had you here, and you talked like that with that tone and accent, I’d face the burning inferno, I’d conquer a million obstacles, just to be near you, to be near enough to just touch you, to know I was yours!

Tonite that feeling came over me – Fred, I wanted youyouyou. I wanted you near me. We would have been so good – so very good. Our “faults” would have been forgotten about just in the fact that you were near me – even just to look at.

You didn’t know your voice had such a ring in it, did you? You didn’t know hat over the phone at times, you say something which makes me want to kiss the face half off of you.

Tonite wasn’t the first time I’ve felt thrills just circle my whole body, at a certain ring in your voice. I’ve felt it a number of times before, but I never mentioned it.

I guess it’s a good thing you never use the same tone with me as you do over the phone. I’d be like a lost sheep returning to its fold. Your arms have such a feeling of protection. I believe I’d be content to lie in them forever, but when the other

Well, that’s all you wanted to know – just what the desire was tonite. You’ve learned something, haven’t you? Don’t use the ring too often, I think I’ll die of thrills sometime if you do. It’s been 3 hours since I talked to you but I will hear the voice in my ear.

Dearest big boy. I love you so now.

Please try to make me keep loving you. You know so well the way to win my heart for keeps, and you know so well how to lose it forever and my respect, too. Dear, I don’t entirely mean the greatest fault of ours, but I mean the other things that you fail to do. Well, of course, it’s up to you. Just remember, I’m awfully young, and there’s many a slip between up and lip! Won’t you try to win me for keeps by making me happy and glad? I want so much to be won, but I’m so afraid sometimes that unless you study me and my disposition better, you’re going to fail terribly.

But you’ve gotten a world better, and in spite of it all – the obstacles that I seem to have to face in you, I love you with all my heart, soul and strength!

Why don’t you conceive the brilliant idea of answering this? I know I’m mad as a March hare, but Fred, that’s another of the “little things” I can’t seem to live without.

Oh, damn, I’m such a fool, I wish somebody would crack my head open with a battle axe.



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