January 28 – February 3, 1925

January 28

School, lab, home, studied all afternoon, then went to the basketball game. Fred is a dear but I don’t understand him at times. Oh, I felt so rotten – so awfully rotten. Mother + I talked real late.

January 29

Diary dear, it’s bobbed! Bobbed! Oh! It looks so cute. Everyone seems pleased. Went out at 1 for my wave and left at 5:30. Four long hours. Oh, I’m so glad it looks cute. It does – so cute, and so much cuter than I expected. Oh, I wonder what Fred will say when he sees it tomorrow!

January 30

Little secret book, one perfect day. Everyone was thrilled and surprised and everyone liked it worlds better. Fred was wonderfully pleased. Went to a bridge with Bea, Dot + Sis + had a grand time. Then to a S.S. party with Fred. We had a glorious time, and oh, it was wonderful. Met an awfully cute A&M boy – Harold Carter. Diary, it’s all too new + too wonderful.

January 31

The last of Jan! I’ve written 31 times in you, dear book! After school this morning, I washed my hair, then at 3:30 I took Fred + his 2 aunts riding, then went up town with Fred at nite, and we sought amusement on 69 cents! Oh, diary, dear, I’m in for tonite, fortunate but I just don’t know. I love Fred, I love life, but I’m so disillusioned.

January Memoranda

Little Blue Book, isn’t it terrible to start off the new year so tired I just haven’t the energy to move or breathe. Oh, it seems so many centuries ago that I was really rested, and since I really felt good. Xmas holidays set me back. I intended to just rest and I just chased myself around in a circle. 5 bridge parties in a week. Oh I wish I could be the old Florence with all the pep. Filled with aching eyes, bobbed hair, Fred and I new flames, 31 days has passed. Wonderful days!

February 1

I wonder if I ever felt so despondent – so disillusioned – so hopeless as I do today. After S.S. I came home. Slept all afternoon. Developed a fierce headache. And an English exam in the morning. It seems that even Science is failing to help me. I know I’m not using it in the right way, but I can’t seem to find the right way. I’m getting so desperate. And oh! I’m so blue – so – so – hopeless.

February 2

Thank heavens I feel a little more human. Stayed home from the tennis picnic because of lack of energy and studied. Mrs. Stancliff phones at 6, and Fred at 6:30. Studied late. Old Fritz is a dear, there’s a certain ring in his voice sometimes over the phone that makes the thrills just go over me, and gives me a feeling of – well, I can’t even express it!

February 3

I wish there were about a million pages in you, Diary, dear so I could tell you all my secrets. There’s one which worries me so much. Nothing happened today at all. Fred called and asked me to go to his bro. tomorrow nite for dinner. His mother is here, so I’m going. I think. Oh, dear Diary, it’s all so mixed up. I’m just nearly lost.


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