February 18 – 24, 1925

February 18

Got a letter from Harold Carter of A&M. A day of aches + pains! Gosh. Lab this afternoon. Heard we would have a French exam Fri week. Gosh, that means work. Busted the chem exam. I am so dumb. Natalie Popperman came over to stay while her folks were at church. Studied.

February 19

Classes – home – wrote letters. To gym. A marvelous time. To Auntie’s a while, home, and laid on “Eugenie Grandet” After supper, started again. Dear old Fritz called.

February 20

No chem class. Cut Eng. Quiz section and went with Fred. Lunch + tennis meeting. Chem lab. To cousin NanNan’s tea at 4. Grand time. Home + Miss Fordtran + I talked of going to Europe. Oh, I want to go worse than I’ve ever wanted to go anywhere in my life.

February 21

Classes. A History test. For gas, etc. and to Bob’s. Home. Fixed my crossword puzzle. To basketball game. Rice Vs. Baylor. Won 26-15. Home and to bed — so-so tired!

February 22

Washington’s birthday

Lord! What a day! To S.S. Home. Studied French and history all day. Fred called + broke the monotony. Started in and ok, I’m so sick of it!

February 23

Another day of study! Classes. Autry House for lunch. Rotton gym. Home and began my history report. Lord, what a job! and what a day!

February 24

It’s after 12, Diary. I’m nearly dead. After classes, I came home, washed my hair, then began. I studied til 5, then went to Jerry’s tea for Ruth Schwiekart. Home + after supper, began again. I’ll be so glad when it’s over. A test Fri in Eng + a Span + Hist test Sat + this term theme!



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