March 8 – March 14, 1925

March 8

Life’s beginning to pick up. To S.S. Was terribly disillusioned but went. Home to “Sackcloth + Scarlet” at the Queen with Fritz. For a ride + a long, long talk with him. I do love him so – really, Diary dear. At 8:30 the fire engines stopped in front of our house. Scared stiff. Proved to be Mrs. Green’s across the street + three houses down. A terrible fire – total loss. Excitement.

March 9

Classes. Made 48 on Chem exam! A ghastly exam + a ghastly grade. Home at 12:30. Studied Eugenie Grandet Supper, Studied Eng then Spic. Finals only 4 days off! Lord! Fred called. I’ll be darned, Diary. It’s a great life not to be sure of oneself! I guess I’m hopeless.

March 10

Classes. Home. Studied. Finished report on Eugenie Grandet. Studied French. Was just too tired to even exist. Almost fell asleep standing up.

March 11

When nite comes, I’m almost too tired to even write in you, little book. Classes then to a Chem coaching from B. F. Jay at school. From 1:30 til 5:45. So tired. Finished Mussey’s Comedy then some Spic – Heavens! These finals!

March 12

Hop sent the dearest letter to me. Calls me “Buddy” My days are spent only with books now. Short classes, then home and hit the books. Went til pretty late. I’m so tired. Fred’s even forgotten me, I think.

March 13

Life’s almost too boring. Studied all day til Dot came by to take us riding. Fred called. He’s going home between terms. Guess I ought not to mind but he surely has ruined my plans. He seems further from me than ever. I’m just bored to tears with myself + school. Darn it!

March 14

One down, Diary! Took a simple but long French exam. Studied all afternoon. Fred called. We were both impossible _ finally ended by his slamming up the receiver. Sat nite doesn’t seem right without Fred here. Everything seems lost, Diary. I love him, but I wonder if I could ever be happy with him. I wonder ~


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