1/7/23 Deep in Some Deep Math

Houston, Texas

Jan 7, 1923

My Dearest Florence,

Just been deep in some deep math. It sure is deep too. About the most difficult yet. So you see I haven’t accomplished much with it. Sure does seem awful to get to work on studies after enjoying the Holiday’s. I was just thinking tonite of how many times that I had seen you during my vacation from school. Sure was a bunch. Kinda often you know. But gee, how I enjoyed them tho’ you cannot realize it. But I sure can. It sure would have been dreary out here. Just think of the good old times I would have missed if I had not have gone to the Halloween party and you make things so interesting for me when I come to see you. You fixing up those little parties for us, was sure great of you. You cannot realize how I appreciate your hospitality and sentiments toward me. They will never be forgotten. I can never thank you too often for you teaching me to make the feet shuffle. Altho’ I cannot do much now and am a pest, but maybe I will do better some day. Here’s hoping you’re with me, aren’t you old dear.
I sure think your poetry and rhymes throughout the letter and the others are cute. I like them. Really. That was sure a good one about the History students of great intellectual ability, which has never been surpassed in the age of the present generation.
The sword on the Molay pin is for protection. It keeps away all bad things and is used to a great advantage in the time of distress. Many knights have used a sword to extract a head from a serpent. Maybe you have never examined the funny big part that you speak of. Some day I will let you examine to see if you can understand or see what it is. A part of an armour. It’s just a march onto victory with one of those and the principles behind it. When the Rainbows, the sister organization gets in operation here I sure would be glad to see you a member. If it’s like our work you could not help but appreciate it.
Florence old Dear in your letters when about to end you said for me to not forget things that I wanted to say when I started to write you. Dear, words cannot express my sentiments toward you. If they are in the English language I am unable to locate them after an earnest search in my vocabulary. I really think you are one of the most interesting and accomplished girls that I have met. Your musical talent is something to be proud of. Not many have that. It is not only your musical talents that makes me care for you, it is your disposition and affectionate ways toward me. They are everlasting. I may be foolish for writing this but really the temptation is too strong. I must tell you that I care for you. Altho’ I may not express it just right but I think the world of you. I must stop this and get to studying.

With Love


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