1/16/23 A Little Epistle

Rice Institute

Houston, Texas

Jan 16, 1923

My Dearest Florence,

How’s this old world serving you this ambitious day? I just stopped a math prob for a while and thought I might write you a little epistle. Tried for one hour on a prob and couldn’t get it so I knew it would be more interesting to think of you for a period, eh? I am going to the De Molay meeting tonite, so I will not call you, but I am sure you would just as soon get this. I asked Ike about going out to Lula Francis the Wed nite we talked of and he does not know yet if he can go or not. You see the Victor Artists will be here about that time and a Rice student has the ushering in charge. All the ushering is done by the students and he has planned to go down there. Now if this is not Wed nite, we will be there. I am almost sure that I can be there. Now Florence old dear you tell e who you want the third boy to be and I will see to the rest of it. You know, ask him about it and get it all fixed up.

Several of the boys that have seen you and met you have passed compliments on you. Good ones, too. For instance Shine Lacey said he kinda fell for my girl and of course he told me why and everything. You know he just couldn’t help it. Just like I did when I began to know you. It’s some sort of Fate of mythology, I suppose, that makes me like you. It’s nothing specific you understand, but everything in general.

This reason, of course, will have to be given by, just because words cannot explain. Although this is a way poor synonym for my thought that lies in that elevated vacuum, I will have to keep you in suspense, until I can combine my past memories in a clear concise phrase in which I might be able to explain it to you.But nevertheless, dear, I just can’t help it.

Track season will soon be in full swing out here. They have already said a little about it in the papers and you would be surprised, but they did mention my name as the weight man in field events. Here’s hoping things come my way. Rice worked the [unidentifiable symbol] over last night in the basketball game. Don’t you think so 24-11. Some team we have. Just keep your eyes on that squad. They will be worth of praise in the near future time. You know the [same symbol] have a reputation of having very good teams. I almost phoned you last night at 9:45 to tell you about it. If I had have know that you would be awake I would have but then I thought you would be in the depths of slumber land and sweet dreams so I thought you would not care much anyway. Now if it had been El Campo winning over Goose Creek or Cedar Bayou I would have phoned you regardless of the time. Because I know you would bet your heart on the favor of old ECHS. [El Campo High School]

I am sorry that I will have to close this “carta” but it is time for supper and I will have to go. Don’t forget what I said about coming out Sat nite. Don’t let studies stop, but bear down on them for a few days. You will appreciate it in the future. Some philosophy that I have, eh?

Closing this letter but still thinking of you.

Yours affectionately



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