6/5/1923 My dreams are paradise

Port Arthur, Tex

June 5th 1923

My Dearest Florence;

Whoo-pee some town we have down here, can’t imagine anything so sweet. Never saw another like it. Today was Pay day at Gulf and everybody and his brother and kids are on the streets. You can’t imagine such a sight. You know they all they have here is population, and some of it is peculiar. Most are the people are working people and when pay day comes they sure spend the money. I went to town a while after supper to look things over with Jesse and his bro and I didn’t see a thing along the exciting nature. We went down to the naditorium and I have seen better ones. One the way back we passed a fire station and all of the firemen were playing musical instruments and having a good time. Well before we had gone a half block the fire signal was sounded and the cars passed us before we got to the corner. Now that is some action it is not? I’ll swear I sure don’t like this joint. This place I am staying in is sure some outfit. Nine rooms and all that but they sure are dumb. This old bird has been standing here talking to me for 20 minutes and didn’t say a word. This is the only place in town that we could get tho’ so I suppose I can stand it for a while.

I wish I was in Houston. Just think, Florence ole Dear, how good a time we could have. Oh it’s too good to think about. I get off work at 4:30. I will start tomorrow morning. I am also going to play Base-Ball if they pay anything for it, but if they don’t, of course I can use my time elsewhere. For instance, I am sure that I have a friend that would like for me to write to, eh? Florence it sure is not a great place here. Just a one street town. I have met a great number of people here already and I have met two de Molays. One belongs to the Hts chapter of Houston. he lives only 1 1/2 blocks away. We will be right close. Close range to visit you know.

I suppose you are having the time of your life. Gee, Florence my dear I sure wished that I was there to go on that House party. I can imagine just what a wonderful time you will have, only if I could share it with you. My dreams are paradise, just to think of you Florence. I have thought of you much since I left. Every time I see a Buick it reflects upon my mind the girl whose picture I have before me. But oh, wait “till we meet again.” I can see you smiling at me in the picture now. I wonder if you are. At this time you are on the stage at the auditorium where a large crowd is situated, and hot. oo-wee. Florence, my dear write a long letter and tell me lots. any tinie [?] and (any kind) of letter, will be appreciated.

Heaps of Love



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