6/8/23 little Girl with a cute little curl

Port Arthur, Tex

June 8, 1923

My own Dearest Florence;

What a thrill. Can you imagine what it was. Today I woke up at 2:30 and as I opened my eyes I saw a pink envelope on my bed by my pillow. Now do you think I lost any time, not a bit. Gee, Florence, I was tickled to death to get that long and most interesting letter. Sure made me feel good, to hear you talk again. You know things are just a little bit lonesome and Florence you cannot imagine how I did enjoy reading it and how glad I was to get it.

I have worked three days since I have been here. You see I started Wed morning and worked from 7 to 3. Tho about 2:30 he came around and told me to come back that nite at eleven and work to seven the next morning and to continue those hours the rest of this week. Then work fro 7 to 3 the next two weeks. Then following two weeks from 3 to 11. I didn’t like this proposition much but all the others are doing it so I suppose I can too. I like my work fine, also my boss. He is a very nice man. So you see ole Dear I will get along o.k. I have out my clothes up to stay. I don’t think I will do any running around. I am going to save it up for next fall. The way I see things now, I don’t care anything about running around. I may see things different later. Now of course you understand if my Florence as here there would be no doubt about it. You don’t know how I am going to miss you this Sat. nite. Gee Florence won’t it be awful. It will be the first Sat nite in a long time. Since Oct 30 it has been a periodic [fruition] of the time. Has it not. But Dear when we do get together again we can have a glorious time. Whoo-pee. But that’s a long time to wait, but I’m sure Florence won’t let time grow weary. She will write often and make me very happy. How do I know? The fates have told me so. They have guided us through. Since that day my life has been a dream of Paradise. You know Florence when I am up there operating those machines about o’clock I cannot help but thinking of you and wondering if the same moon is over you. When I look out and see Orion. How can I help it but my minds reflects to many memories. I have surely thought of you much since I have been in this Berg. There’s a reason why I don’t care to chase around any. Maybe I will meet the right bunch and maybe not. One time I did do this and it still left a stain on a certain person’s mind. I don’t care about it Florence. I don’t think I could learn to care for another anyway. I am satisfied with my friend what lives in Houston even though we cannot see each other, our minds are there just the same. You see, I think we can stand it for three months. Tonite you are on the House party, having such a wonderful time, aren’t you ole Dear. Gee that I wish I could have been there. If we had our way, eh? But maybe some time in the future. There’s another day coming.

Say Florence my Dear I am about as thrilled as you are about your popularity to be published in the paper. I am looking forward to that more then I would to see my own write up. That surely is great. Just as soon as I read it Jesse went to town and I told him to be sure to get a Houston paper. It was a morning Post, tho! I will go to town and get a Chronicle pretty soon.  Now [?] That surely is a wonderful record. More wonderful then all my track work, offices, etc. But I surely want to congratulate you, tho.

Thanks for a statement you made in your letter. You say you want to tell my just lots (you sure did too) and you wanted t few words and your mind wanders, the door bell rungs and other numerous interruptions. Ha Ha But don’t let your mind wander C?

I sure would like to see you go to New York. I have some folks there, too. But listen little Girl with a cute little curl, You will go and return before Sept, if you go.

HURRAH!!! For the next years slimes. Gee I am thrilled to death Florence. I can imagine it. You cannot enter and take just two subjects, tho. There is the least and you will have to make 3’s in there. But thats not to be considered. You are going to Rice. That’s fine. I am sure happy. You said if I did not write you a long letter the next from you would be cool. Not so indifferent little Girl. If I had more time, I could rave on the rest of the nite, but I have got to go to work now, so good bye night and sweet dreams with bushels of love and everything dear and sweet to my most adorable friend.


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