6/15/23 spent my time with you in my mind

Port Arthur, Tex

June 15, 1923

My Darling Florence;

The thrill of my life came today. Almost unexpectedly too. All day I felt as if there would be something at sometime during the day make me happy. I didn’t know whether it would be Thomas here, or a long long letter from my Florence or something I did now know. But when I got here there were too big fat letters from you. Oh so good. I just laid down on the bed, stretched out comfortably and spent my time with you in my mind. They were adorable masterpieces. I surely enjoy reading those kind too. You can’t imagine how good your letters make me feel and what they mean to me. I could spend hours reading what you write to me and how you stick your words together to reflect to my mind so many good things.

I have started my corns[?] on my hands. They are toughening. I am sweating lots, but most of all I am going strength, getting strong to heave those wts away next spring. Hot zigity. That’s the fundamental reason that I wanted to work in the machine shops this summer. I can feel it already where my muscles are getting hard. It was hard to tell you goodbye Florence ole Dear (as you know already) but as you said the duty called me.

It was surely hard to go off and leave you there with so many boys you knew so well, but Florence you know how I care for you and I know how you care for me. I knew I could trust you. You are worthy of my confidence. I put trust in you. I know you will treat me right. You always have. You have been so dear to me all through our acquaintance. It’s been a wonderful life since that day. So my dear it’s because I think so much of you and trust you that I did go away, only for a short while tho’. You are always in my thoughts. I don’t know why I think of you so consistently, but I just can’t keep from it. I don’t want to either. I don’ try to. I wish that I only were there to say good things to you when you are tired and worn out. You said after being tired and worn out all you would like would be to feel someone’s strong arms and go off to sleep and rest. Oh if it were possible. You say only once. Florence by this do you mean that you have done me wrong. Florence have you let someone else. You would break my heart. Tell me won’t you Dearest. You say “First, I couldn’t resist the temptation.” Can’t you be strong and resist things. Tell me all about it won’t you. or maybe my Dear I have taken it wrong. -?

Florence you just can’t change your mind about Rice. It’s impossible. You just can’t, I don’t want you to. I will be proud to say to others that we are such good friends. Altho I have received more honors at one time then anyone I know of at Rice at anytime. I want you to help me share them. Florence I want you to go to Rice and graduate. I will have two more years. You will have four. Won’t you please. After part of the summer has passed and you feel a little better I am sure you will want to do that. You will enjoy going out there so much. You can’t realize the difference between High School and College. It would be great to have you go.

Say tell me, little girl why you are sorry that you introduced Ike and Jessamine. I had a dream about them the other nite. I thought Edwin and Jessamine were married and Ike was at the wedding. Isn’t that funny. When I woke up I sure felt queer.

Florence I can’t imaging anything better then to see you down here. Wouldn’t that be great. You thrill me to death. I felt so happy when I read that. It makes me feel so good. I could not keep from crying with joy. It has been but two weeks since I have seen you, but Dear it seems ages. Sure does seem a long time and just to think I may see you here before long. Oh great. I will wish and hope at all times. It reminds me of a little girl who wished for her big sister who was lost in a show I saw last Sunday. “Lost & Found.

Glad you and Dorothy Ethel found such a good subject to talk about (me) If they do say hold on to me because next year will be a little bit good for me and my Florence. I don’t they need to tell you that. I think our friendship is plenty strong, even if I did not receive the honors. That’s not what makes us love each other. It’s our attitude toward each other. It’s just that clinging that we have for each other. That’s what I say. Florence, what care we for the opinion of others if they think you are hanging. Rot. They don’t know. Do you Dear. We have always liked each other since Oct. It started then. But my dearest Florence I am always going to do my part to retain our friendship and I am sure you are going to treat me right.

It’s hard to tear [?] as it is. Don’t you think so. But Florence do be careful and remember when you are out that there is someone who likes you awfully well, and when he says it, it comes from the heart. Jesse says I have written enough to turn out the light.
With Love



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