6/19/1923 A salt water town

Port Arthur, Tex

June 19, 1923

My own Dear Florence;

Since this is Juneteenth and a holiday I must celebrate, C? Fred Johnson just returned from about 2 1/2 mile walk. After supper we went to town then back to here and made a 22 block to a Rice man’s house. Graduated in ’20 but lucky we rode back. Sure did like it too. Because I was tired.

This is sure a hot berg. It’s really too hot to sleep well. The lake is only three blocks from here and a south wind is supposed to blow. We have a cool room but nevertheless it is hot. I like the town just a little better. I have met just lots of people. That’s probably the reason. But the drinking water is scarce. A salt water town. Water is hauled in a rain water is used. This is also a disadvantage. But wait will September when I come back to Houston. Oh Florence, I am sure looking forward to that time. I will sure be happy. Just think I can see you often, talk to you often. Oh I sure wish it could be now. They will be there happy days again. What have you been doing all this time, you surely have had a wonderful time since I left, haven’t you? Has Scatterbrains________

It just much past my early bedtime but I had to take off a few minutes to write to my darling Florence.

Lots of Love



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