6/25/1923 no mail for Freddie from Florence

Port Arthur, Tex

June 25, 1923

My onliest Florence;

Thrills to the height yesterday. Can you imagine what. Well it gave me one of the best feelings while I have been in this dump. About 4:30 yesterday, Jesse, McKean and I were walking up to the house from town. Along came Mr & Mrs Almeras (Rice ’21) and asked us to go for a ride. Of course no objections but we all piled in. Off we rode. We went for about 2 hours all around P.A. and we saw signs where it said 6 miles to Beaumont (The story still goes) well we got to Beaumont about 7 pm and he said do you want to drive down through the business district. Sure we all said. So we did. And as we passed by a couple of boys McKean looked out saw a Rice belt and said there is ____?

Can you imagine who it was? I never on my life expected to see this person. I wrote several (not but about 2) and no answer. then – well it was Ike. Can you imagine anything to be much better. (Just one thing better and that would be to see you.) I was tickled to death to see him. I got a letter from Skinny saying that he was going away on a ship. So he did and I could understand why I had not heard from him. But I got him to come over to P.A. and he will be here today. He was so glad to see us and to get to come over here. We would have brought him back if he could have gotten his wages last nite. But he had to get his money this morning. And he will be here today. Isn’t that great. I am pretty sure we can get a good job for him you know he is a Ch. E. [chemical engineer] and he will be able to get a laboratory job. I was tickled I didn’t know what to do. Just wait till you come down here. Won’t that be great Dear. Just think we will have a kinda reunion. and Luckily, too I have him a room engaged just across the street where we eat, with an old El Campo boy. I know him well and e will have things fine. Oh Boy. Then when my little Florence comes to P.A. ain’t nature grand. Yes, so it is.

But the mail carrier just came and no mail for Freddie from Florence. I saw him coming (through the window) and I just knew I had a letter from you, but I didn’t. I don’t see why not? It has been six whole days. What’s up ole Dear. Some hard feelings some where. I think just as much of you as I always did, maybe I said some things that didn’t strike you just right in my letter. If so I am sorry and didn’t intend to. It was a mistake if I did. So write me a long letter, tell me lots. You know there is no other that I care for like you. There couldn’t be. There is no other that can have the hold on my heart like you have. I have written my part. So step into it ole Dear. How about cheering your little Freddie up. That is a necessity. Somehow, when no letter comes for a long time I feel the blues creeping on. and the result.

I am not griping, I just wanted to call you attention.

I expect a long letter this afternoon. I want to see you in about a month in P.A. eh? and I am closing

Sending you lots of love and that I think the world of you Florence my Dear



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