6/27/1923 just like a book of love

Port Arthur, Tex

June 27, 1923

Florence my Dearest;

Hurrah! Ike is here. Yesterday when I came back from dinner who was sitting on the porch but Ike. The know [?] that sap got here at 12 o’clock ad instead of coming on to the house, he ate dinner at a cafe downtown. Well we phones out to the Texas Co [now Texaco] and he told Ike to come out this morning and they could have plenty of time to give the matter a serious thought and talk it over. That is where Ike is now. I am sure he will get a job, but what kind I do not know. I wish he could get a job like mine (I don’t hurt myself working) He may get a job in the Lab, but the only way I know is to wait and get the results. There was n place where we could get Ike a room that we knew of and to be good, so Jesse and I have him in our room on a cot. I wish we could get a bog cool room for all three of us. There are a bunch of Rice boys here. They are about to complete some apartment houses here and I am going to see if I can get several rooms over there and get a whole bunch together. Won’t that be good if we can. but I am primarily interested in getting us three together or so Ike & I can be together. He was sure glad to see us and to come over here. Of course he was not more glad that I. He was so tired of being in that bunch. Kinda low class people. the conditions were very bad. I don’t blame him.

Just got your charming epistle. I was so glad to get it. I really did not expect it. But the one I got yesterday. OH. my. how can you write such a masterpiece. I was trying to go to sleep all morning but I just knew I had a letter coming and I knew if I went to sleep I might not wake up when the Postman came. I did not realling [?] know just how you were going to answer my letter. It surely was great. 7 folders just like a book of love. I enjoyed it so much that I took thirty minutes of intermission and read it again. I had a little head ache before I started but when I finished it was all gone. What do you suppose became of it. And your letter this morning saying that you would probably be here on the 4th. That’s great.  I am going to hope much that you will be here. I cannot imagine anything so good. Oh gee Florence won’t it be great. They are going to have a big celebration here the 4th. This is 25th anniversary or something like that and plenty of money in this town and from what I understand they will use it. The other morning I awoke in the midst of a dream. I had been dreaming about you. I looked out. A car just like yours passed with two girls in it. I jumped up and started to holler. Then when I really woke up I knew it was only a dream. I sure felt funny afterward. I have some more letters to write. It is so hot my shirt is all wet so I mist let this close. I will write real soon and sending oodles of love.


Glad you and the other monkey like each other. Can you climb the string as good.

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  1. steph says:

    Fred is such a sweet heart.

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