6/28/1923 you feel like you have the world by the tail

Port Arthur, Tex

June 28, 1923

My Dearest little Girl;

Here I sit, take my pen in hand and commence, to start, to begin, – is that the way it’s suppose to start. Ha Ha Another thrill just a few minutes ago, a long sweet letter from Houston. Gee I was sure glad to get it. I had just been thinking of you too and you know that made it all the sweeter. I half way expected a letter, then I didn’t. but when I did get it I knew I would have a long pleasant chat with Florence. Just so glad you came back to Earth the last few letters. They are so good. I just adore you for the way you write. You are such a master at it and you know they are the kind that we all like to get. Don’t it?

This morning I almost slept through breakfast you know I don’t get to bed until 11-45. I work till 11:00 and I slept till 7:50 and breakfast closes at 8:00 so I did hurry. I would not have gone, but I had to work and I knew I needed it altho’ I was sleepier then hungry. I think before long we will move from here to a place cooler. It is so uncomfortable when it is warm. I am sweating blue blazes right now. I am going out in pursuit of a good room, 2 room apartment or something where it is cooler, this is too hot. If I don’t find a good Room today, we will probably advertise that 3 Rice studes want Room and Board in private home. That’s what I want, something where a person can enjoy a little home life. This is only a warm place to sleep. Run across the street to eat. You sure don’t know what hope is, until you are away. If you knew the conditions you wouldn’t blame us.

I am learning lots, enjoy my work, like my foreman but I sure wish that I had made an extra effort to find some work I wanted in Houston. Get that grease on you, in skin and it won’t come out. Just sweat it out. Can’t wear any deasent clothes for fear of ruining the and most discontent of all is the water. Have to drink imported H2O or rain water.

So far in this letter, I have only found discontentment and wrote it, but I must get away from that. But I just wanted my Florence to know it. I just can’t feature all this bunk.

Say, I would like to meet blue eyed, bobbed hair curley cheeked little girl you have there. I know she is cute from your description. If I should meet her, maybe I would fall for her. Wish I could meet her, tho’

I surely do wish I could go with you to have all those good times, but I can’t so go little girl and have a good time for us both. It’s impossible for me to do it, at present.

Now about the road to Dever’s I do now know much about it, but as far as I know it hasn’t rained so terribly much here. Most of the roads here are paved, but the dirt roads are as dry as a boneyard. If it is the Roads, I am planning much on seeing you the 4th don’t let them bother you. Where do these people live? Do you think it is a good chance of you coming. I am sure hoping for it,  my Dear.

About school next fall.

Dearest Rice and C./A. are my choice. But before you consider State you ought to look over the conditions. I don’t think I would go there on a bet, I am very partial to C./A. because I think they teach a girl something about life that she should know. Some of the principles that they should all know. But above Rice there is none to my fancy. Let me tell you Florence, my dearest you call Mr. Samuel G McCann at Rice, the Registrar. Make an appointment, go out and talk to him. You tell him your situation and he will gladly give you some personal advice. He is a very nice man and you will like him fine. But don’t mention me. I don’t think it would aid much, but if you desire you may. But nevertheless when you come out of his office you feel like you have the world by the tail. He will give you some excellent advice. If wearing the clothes at C./A. keep you away why don’t let that hurt you, because you know, quality is below the skin, and if clothes made a person I would not have much chance. Please go out and talk to Mr. McCann.

I just look to my side and saw you smiling at me Florence. Your picture is at my side and you are always smiling. Gee, if it where only you. Oh Florence my dear how I would like for it to be you. But when we do see each other won’t it be great. And when you come to P.A. of  Florence and they are to have a big celebration here, the barbecue you mentioned. Let me tell you something, it’s a secret, don’t tell it. If you come down here I’ll get some fire-crackers. Don’t you want to shoot ’em? It would be great like boyhood days again. Are all of you coming down. It’s only about four or five hour ride in a car. Won’t we have fun. I’ll say we will. This is not much of a composed letter to my Dear little Florence who is expecting one so much, but my Dear I am so blooming hot that it’s awful to try to write.

With Loads of Love



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