6/30/1923 just talk & talk to our heart’s content

Port Arthur

June 30, 1923

As you have always been;

This I must tell you. I have kept it from you for about a week. I should have told you before, but please excuse me this time. I shan’t do it again. I will always tell you. It is a blue eyed – golden curley headed blonde. It has been only a week or more since she has come into my young life. She is surely pretty. Those beautiful eyes. They make you sit up and take notice. ‘Tis a thing that seldom happens. Her name is Helen. Last Sunday I went out riding with her for about four hours. Then came in and had supper with her. Strange, isn’t it. But listen ole Dear it’s not very serious, so don’t get worried, but really she is very pretty and just as cute as they make ’em. There is only one fault I have with her so far and that is, she is too young. She will be nine months old very soon and that’s just a little bit too young. Tee hee. You thought I was serious, didn’t you. But nothing like that.

Last nite when I got home I saw a letter on the dresser from my Dearest, a fat one too. Then again this morning one came. Gee that was thrilling you don’t know how they make me feel, Florence. Just as you explained in it in yur letter. If a letter in the morning the days go off fine. Isn’t the truth. Isn’t it the truth. I surely do enjoy them heaps, you can’t imagine how they do cheer me up when I have the blues. Why, Florence, those sweet letters you send are wonderful. I just can’t express in words my appreciation for them. I can just lie down and be dead from the rest of the world when I read you  letters. They are so interesting to me. They are just like you, too. That’s what makes them so wonderful.

Ike has a job at the Texas Co. working on the pipe line. When he asked them, told them that he was a chemical engineer He said “What are you looking for, something easy.” Ike told him that he wanted to make some money. They put him on the pipe line and believe me it sure is hard work. Poor Ike I sure feel sorry for him. He’s so little and not as strong as some husky’s and they are handling 12 inch pipe.

He and an A&M graduate started together. By the way this boy lived in El Campo 12 yrs ago. I remember him faintly, will see him tomorrow.

Ike sure did work those two days and on the third today. Last nite as I entered the door I smelled my rubbing solution that I used in track season. Ike had rubbed his sore tired muscles.

Now on my work I have run nine of the eleven machines in my section. I am on a machine now that doesn’t take much work. I am sitting down, watching it run about 2/3 of the time. and when I am working, changing the parts I take my time. So you see I am not overworked. I am getting more then some men that have been there for two years. I am getting 60¢ and some are only getting 45¢ and 50¢ so you see I was rather fortunate. But when I get all done that I want to it won’t be much. This next pay day I am going to make an attempt to join the Masons if I have enough to start it. Then I can go to de Molay + Masonic affairs, if accepted. But I am surely going to send in my application the first chance I get.

I got a letter the other day from Rice saying that they not only gave me a mess hall job but they gave me the concessions at Football ground. So anything that is sold on the athletic field during season, I will get the profits, C? Ain’t it good to do some athletic work. Sure pays to try doesn’t it Dearest. You see I not only get the money for this but I get the experience and learn the method of making money, which is the foundation of success.

Say won’t you tell me about the gossip that has been spreading about you. Won’t you please. Tell me all about your troubles. I want to know. I have asked you before but you didn’t say anything about it. But I really do want you to tell them to me and I am sure you will; and be specific and not general.  Why have you been worried the way you acted lately? Tell me all, won’t you? Is it that you have been give others the impression that you have forgotten. If so, you tell them to go jump in the lake and play with the waves. Cause you haven’t. Tell me all about this affair. I promise not to tell anyone, any time. It will relieve my suspense.

Tomorrow is Sunday and rest all day. all the Gang will again meet and have a big bull pen some where. It’s so good to get a bunch together that know each other so well and talk of olden times, build air castles and things. But when we have a reunion in Houston, the bunch that Florence and I know so well, won’t it be glorious. I think that I may quit down here a week before school starts and spend that week at home or work up till school starts then cut classes for a few days. But I think I will have P:A about Sept 15 and go to Houston, see my Dearest then onto El Campo.

But that’s 2 1/2 months but I am looking forward to it and it may be a short time. You know it’s always good to look forward to something good.

The Postman brought a letter for Ike this morning from Jessamine. Don’t you know he will be tickled to death. Florence my Dearest I sure hope you do get to some to P.A. this summer and most of all the 4th. That sure would be great. I and you could have the time of our lives together. We could just talk & talk to our heart’s content. It’s good to think about.

My only Dear little girl it’s time for me to go to work, but always you will be in my thoughts even tho’ I shall be compelled to end this.

I am yours till the fishes quit the seas. Lots of Love



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