7/10/1923 I am a fine hunk-o-cheese am I not


My Dearest Little Girl;

I am a fine hunk-o-cheese am I not. Getting such a long sweet letter and not answering it. But just wait, I will as soon as I get able. My leg is much better today. It is not so painful. I can stand on it with much more ease. But nevertheless I have to stay in bed, keep my foot elevated. Also have to keep the bandage damp with an antiseptic solution and a hot water bottle over it. I will be able to get up and go back to work in a few days. When I wrote that last note, by leg was paining my so bad that I could not see straight. I suppose you could tell that by the way I stuck my words together.

We have a much better room now. Jesse moved with his brother. Ike and I moved here. After we moved, Fred Johnson wanted to move with us also, so we finally got the people to let him in. 3 of us. I will have to tell you about it. We have 2 rooms. A living room about 16′ x 16′ and a sleeping porch 8′ x 16′. We have twin single beds on the porch. It is open on 2 sides with a window and door on the other. Then in other room we have two rockers, to straight chairs and a writing table, dresser with 3 mirrors. 2 are moveable on hinges.

Have to sit down just like a girl, C?

We have a davenport & 2 large closets. Also a bath with hot & cold water, adjoining. Surely are nice people here, too. The man and lady who own the apartment house line in the other part of this apartment. Things are so much more convenient. We pay 40.00 per month rent. That is very reasonable for this town.

Gee I wish I would get a long letter from you today. Ike will go by the other place when he comes from work. I have not written because I have not been able but when I get OK I am going to try to make up for lost time. I wish I was in Houston so you could come and cheer me up. Wouldn’t that be great, Florence. You are so dear to me. I wouldn’t trade your faithful friendship for the world. Gee Florence, but I can’t help it. I am just that way. All the good times we have had together, the dear precious letters you have written. Florence I just can’t help but think so much of you. I have had lots of time to think of you since I have been in bed and I surely have done so when I get to feelin sorta, (you know). I get out that long masterpiece of yours and read & read. Then that darling picture of yours. It surely is good. Thanks so much. Were any of those pictures we took that Sunday any good?

Florence, my Dear I don’t know if you can make this out or not, but when you are liing down it is very hard to put out a good style of penmanship. So let me hear from you real, real soon.

Your Fred


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