7/11/23 Just like a little boy with a new tin horn

Port Arthur

July 11, 1923

My Dearest Florence;

Today things are a little better concerning the invalid. I feel just a thousand percent better. Only I have not the permission to get out of bed yet. I hope soon. The Dr was to come to see me today but he is not here yet and it is 3 o’clock. Did I tell you what happened to my leg? If I did not, I will proceed. I came back from the cafeteria with four bottles of coffee in my hand riding a bicycle. I rode right into the machine shop and when I went to turn a corner I lost my balance. The centrifugal force threw me outward and I threw my whole weight on my shin against a sharp piece of faced iron on a piece of machinery. The result was that I cut my leg about 1 1/4 inches long and clear to the bone. Then I bruised the ligaments and muscles next to this. I immediately went to the first aid room and called the Doctor to come out. This was 6:00 pm Thursday 7/5/23. Well, he dressed it and I felt pretty goof so I went back to work. It did not hurt me much until Sunday. Altho’ it did hurt some. It began to swell and pain. I went out Monday morning and he said that I probably hurt the bone. I thot so at first, but he confidently said no. Well I immediately came home and went to bed and have been here ever since. But my leg is so much better. The muscles hurt clear to my hip, but do not give me trouble now. So you see Florence my Dearest I am getting along pretty good; within a few days I will be able to get around all right. I have not been able to write with much thought the last week, as the conditions did not allow.

I surely was glad to get your letter yesterday. Just at the right time I needed one the most. Florence, you can’t imagine how good it did make me feel when Ike came in and said I had a letter from my “fair one.” I had been thinking of you so much as I laid here and it sure was great to get a letter on top of all the good thoughts. But sure enough, I did. Florence today my heart almost melted. I was dreaming that you and I, (others too) were at a dance just having a wonderful time. I awoke about half conscious and a Victrola  next door had on it play a very beautiful violin piece. Then I could see you so plain, playing for me, then night before I left. It was so real. I could hardly believe myself when I awakened. Then things were so unreal. Then I just thought of you a long-long time. Maybe my letters do not show the feeling I have in my heart for you, but dear one it surely is there. I can’t tell you how much time I do spend with you running through my mind, but it’s a great deal, nevertheless.

But that is no news you already know that don’t you?

The oil tank is on fire. Lightening struck an earthen oil tank at Texas Co, containing over 80,000 barrells of crude oil. It is burning and has been for about 30 hours. The sky is covered with smoke just as if a heavy rain were going to happen right quick. Drops of oil go up with the smoke and everything in town is black as charcoal. Ike went to breakfast this morning and ruined a good white shirt. It is a stickly soot. The shell roads are black, the roofs of houses are black and if anyone should stay out in it, they would surely acquire the same color.

Ike came home about 2:30 pm and said the conditions were such that they were forced to cease work for the day. You know he is working on the pipe line and that is a man’s job. He sure has the grit and spirits to stay with it. I would like to see come of those jellies in Houston, that I know, so some work like that. I have been trying to get him to go and try to get transferred but he hasn’t yet. You said in your letter that I was going out, having a good time with girls. Where did you get that, or were you only kiddin’? Sometimes I don’t know how to take your statements. I really don’t care much about running around here. I haven’t seen any good looking girls here, yet. I haven’t met but, about 15 or so and none appeal to me, so you see I am not interested.

Listen, Florence do you mind if I ask you a question. If you don’t or do you can answer it if you so desire, if you do not it’s all right. What is wrong that you are not able to sleep? You told me that your father was in a storm and was nervous and I thought that was the reason for him, but I did not think you were nervous. Don’t think I am too curious. Another thing I want to ask of you. Please cut out these dances until your ankles get well. Florence you will do this for me, won’t you? If you really care for me you will, you know the feelin’ I have for you, so please Florence think the situation over seriously and do as you think best. Maybe you can sacrifice a few good times now for some later.


In the midst of all this your letter just arrived. Glad? Just like a little boy with a new tin horn. I was surely glad to get it. Gee, Florence if I only had you here. Oh boy, how I do appreciate that. Sure made me feel good. I think I have already told enough in the fore part of the letter to explain why I am an invalid (temporarily) But the Doctor says I will be all right in a few days and my leg will not be damaged at all. The lady in the apartment is a Graduate Nurse with 8 yrs experience and so you see I am fortunate. My leg will be weak for a week or so. But I will be all right soon, so don’t worry dear.

I wish I had known you were going to Heights to a dance I would have given you the names of some people whom you might have been pleased to know. Yes, I know Homer Smith. He’s a Jew I think, or at least he picks them for company.

I thought I would get to finish this page and write on other side but Doctor came, put on some antiseptic stuff. Sure did burn. I am not comfortable so will have to quit.

Good bye Dear



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