7/15/23 How are the dances and Jelly Beans coming


July 15, 1923

My Dearest Florence;

Today I am sitting up at the table to write you. Whose orders? My own. I felt so good and so tired staying in bed that I just got up to write to you. You see I didn’t want to lie down and try it as I have been doing. I haven’t much pain and I am going to try to go to work tomorrow nite if the Doctor will let me, but I think he will not as he has said a couple of days more. You startle my by your expression about my leg. Not serious, no it’s not serious, just inconvenient. Ha! Ha! Ain’t that funny. I was almost at the state of having my leg cut open from my knee to foot. NO not serious, just inconvenient. Ain’t that funny. Ha! Ha! Now laugh, it’s time to laugh and I sure think that’s funny too. Real comical isn’t it. Just to think I have kept you in suspense and you thought my leg was hurt. I am so sorry for that. Excuse me, won’t you. I think that’s an awful thing to do. Just keep a little girl is suspense over a small thing. So, sorry. Yes laugh all you like. It’s just a mere scratch.

How are the dances and Jelly Beans coming. Hope OK. Sure having a good time, aren’t you? Isn’t it just wonderful to be a girl, go to all the dances, parties everywhere, any time, etc. and lose all the friends a person has

4:45 PM

Say, don’t let me keep you from going to Sullins, Columbia or any of those schools. I want you to go to Rice very much indeed but I think you would do yourself an injustice by going if you don’t want to. But if you are only going to Rice for fun, I am afraid it will last only until Xmas. But I do want you to go, really I do.

Just wait a minute I’ll be back.

5:00 PM

Say little girl you had better wake up. You say nobody ever heard of twin double beds. Ha Ha. That’s a good one on you. Sure there are twin double beds, lots of them here. (For four in the room tee hee)

6:20 PM

Who’s the latest these days? How many times have you changed hands since I’ve left?


Listen Florence, I’ve asked you if you wouldn’t cut out that dancing till your ankles get well. You haven’t ptomised – ? Don’t you think there is more in this wide world than these little frivolous J.B. Dances. Think it over. If you won’t do that for me, all right, hop to you.

Good bye with oodles of love



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