7/21/1923 and now the mirror has reflected

My Darling Florence;

Hurray – Today I received the most wonderful letter from a little girl in Houston what I think the world of. It was so nice the way you wrote to me, so kindly and the letter I wrote to you the other day, sure made me think. I don’t know why I wrote like that. Florence Dear even if I did think that I misunderstood it I shouldn’t have written back to sarcastic and impudent. I am sure sorry it came about that way. Let’s not say any more about it, what do you say. The old devil must have been in me. Florence you say that maybe I don’t care anymore. Maybe I don’t look forward to your letters like I used to. Florence my Dearest you cannot realize how good those letters are to me. Johnson is always kidding me about it. He can always tell, when he comes home, whether I have gotten a letter or not. He says that I the longest face on me when I don’t get one. I was surely disappointed yesterday, when I did not get a letter from you. Florence maybe my letters have been rambling, but listen Dear don’t you realize I went through some misery since July 5. Don’t you think that may have something to do with things. Florence I care just as much as I ever did, can’t you realize it and believe me. I don’t see why you can’t. I did hurt you the way I talked but I really did not mean to and now the mirror has reflected and made me feel a little uncomfortable. But we are going to forget all that foolish stuff, don’t you think our little sarcasism is foolish. I do. Florence I think that I know what is wrong. I am just jealous. But I am going to cut it out. It doesn’t pay. I am foolish too. very foolish at that. Florence if you could just have a wireless and hear some conversations some time you would see who cared and how much.

I must tell you how my leg is getting along. Wed nite I went to work and about 3 am it started swelling so I had them bring me home. It was not use those. They say that is customary after laying up so long. Just as soon as I went to bed it all left. My leg doesn’t hurt anymore and doesn’t swell, so I will go to work tonite. Of course I don’t do much. But I am going to sit down, C?

Florence it sure seems years since I have seen you. Every day I count one day off my list. Just how many more days will it be. You can’t realize how you run through my daily thoughts. I have been gone six weeks and it seems like six years. But let’s try to let time take it’s course dear and it won’t be so long.

Lots & Lots of Love



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  1. Alena says:

    First of all, great blog!
    Thanks for sharing this, I’m impressed you can read the handwriting!

    I was wondering what he means with “wireless”: …”if you could just have a wireless and hear some conversations”
    Was the radio technology so developed already? Or does he talk about something else? Any ideas?

  2. Sheridan says:


    I am glad you enjoy reading it. The handwriting can sometimes really be a puzzle! I do have a slight advantage in that my grandmother’s handwriting never changed much, so I am used to reading it. My grandfather’s can be a bit trickier since he took to typing out letters later in life.

    In regard to the wireless question, I believe he is referring to the early amateur radio communications. I am guessing he was wishing she had one of the radios there so she could eavesdrop on their conversations and see how sincerely he (my grandfather) was missing her.

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