7/24/1923 I can’t express myself just right in words of writing

Port Arthur Tex

July 24, 1923

My Dearest Darling Florence;

This is the day isn’t it. This is the great day but for one thing. It’s so unfortunate that this thing had to happen. I am sure sorry and I am worried about hot you are. I am sure you are very much worried too. Does it pain lots. I’ll bet it does if it is as you say the bruise is bad. Only if I could be there to comfort you a little. It surely would be a great comfort to see some one that you care for so much. Florence if I wished for you once, I wished for you a thousand times while I was laid up. Just a sight and a touch of your soft hands and (—?) would have been such a great relief. I am sure you are wishing for me as as I did for you and I only wish I could be there, just for a short while anyway. What did the doctors say about your leg? If I had been you I would have had that form dog killed & examined instantaneously. I would not have waited at all. Why didn’t you do that and play safe, then the doctors would have known how to treat it. Did the doctor cut the wound open and let it bleed, then fill it full of very strong antiseptic. This may sound bad, but that’s what I would have done as soon as he bit me. That is to keep the poison from spreading. Florence my Dear I sure hope you do get much better real soon. Please do the favor of being careful, because that is 90% of cure is being careful and letting nature take its course. Don’t go running around until you are absolutely sure that you are OK. Please do this Florence because I care as much as you do about it.

I am so sorry I wrote that last letter & sent it while you were down. If I had known it I would not have sent it. But Florence my Dear I had it in my system and I had to tell you what I tho’t so if I absolutely wrong, tell me. I hope I am wrong you said in your letter that you were ashamed to admit it but you are a little doubtful about me. There is only one that I care for Florence, and you know who it is. How can you doubt me. All these days down here and no date, not even been in the presence of one girl more then 15 minutes. Florence on Sunday & Sat nite I get so lonesome for you that I think I will go nuts.

Every time I see a Buick my heart misses a beat. The only time I wish I could have a date is Sun afternoons but I think I can get along without them very easily. I have not met very many girls, and most of them are wall flowers.

But listen my Dear there is only one whom I care for and that one has a mighty strong hold on me. Oh! How I wish I could talk to you. We could understand each other so much better. I can’t express myself just right in words of writing. Florence, you know how I care for you, so don’t forget that I love you lots & lots. Many times I have told you, but a little repetition is impressive. I wish you all the luck in the world. Lots & lots of love.

Be good my Dear



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