7/29/1923 Have you decided definitely on Rice yet

Port Arthur Tex

July 29, 1923

My Dearest Florence;

I got your great big long and adorable letter yesterday and you can’t imagine how glad I was to get it. It surely did cheer me up. Made me feel so good. I am so glad to hear you are coming. I want you to go to bed so you will be able to come. I think you will be OK by next Sunday. What time are you coming. This is modern apartments #3 1021-9th St. We are in the apt with Chas A Daly. I get home about 3:45 every day. I will be on day shift 7 to 3 till Aug 5. Then from Aug 6th to 10 – 3 to 11. I do not work Sunday. The Tel # is 2669. Just call for me. I’ll tell you how to do it tho’. If I am not here, come on up and make yourselves comfortable until I arrive. I don’t think there will be anything wrong with that. Mrs Daley will be here, and you will not be alone. You could come up here and rest if you get in town while I am at work. It would be so much better then sitting in the car after riding. The Rooms are open to you. Do as you like.

I am glad you were already aware of the things I told you. A person should take heed to things that will probably hinder them. Don’t you think. If you are raving to others about things that bore them, I surely wish you would cut it out. I don’t mean to attempt a lecture but my dear you must realize I don’t want to losse myne, so let’s do things that each of us like. Are you agreeable? Listen Florence my Dear don’t cry so much as you say you do. That’s injurious. I may say things that hurt, but maybe somebody else does too, but please don’t cry. Tell me about it. Maybe that would be better. Florence I am so worried about your leg. Why didn’t you kill that darn dog and have him examined. Even if the dog did want to protect her pups, what is the ratio of the life of a human to a dog and a few pups. Why didn’t you do this. What’s the Dr going to do, wait till you get real sick then kill the dog and examine it after being too late. Maybe the Dr knows his stuff, but a thing like that disgusts me.

We are going to have a bridge party tonite. A Boy is coming over and we are going to have a good time. Johnson and I are not very experienced but we are learning. Roy Chambers (Rice) is coming over Monday or Tuesday nite and we are going to play. We will be sharks when we get back to Houston. I surely do like it. Don’t you? We can have a good time playing?

A boy P.C. Franks (A&M ’22) is in town and we are going to town to see him pretty soon. He’s from El Campo and is an instructor in Math & Military tactics and Castle Heights. I just can’t think of a thing to say. My leg is almost well and it doesn’t bother me as much. I just think the world of you. I am so thrilled about you coming. I can’t think of anything to say. Guess I will have to tell it all is vocal sounds. I think that’s best, eh? Have you decided definitely on Rice yet. Let me hear right soon how your leg is and about what time to expect you. I will keep one eye open all the time. Don’t fail me, I am expecting you.

Lots of gobs of Love



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