7/30/1923 Go roll down the straw-stack

Port Arthur, Tex

July 30, 1923

My Dearest Florence;

Just received that newsy letter today. I believe you left Sat, did you not. It is now 8:00 p.m. and I know you are in bed fast asleep. The country is so apetizing too. Don’t eat lots out in the country. So cool. The roosters awaken you a daybreak by their shouts(?) you will have a wonderful time out there., I like the country for a quiet vacation. Go barefooted, squirrel hunting. Go roll down the straw-stack. Go horseback riding. You should learn to chop cotton while you are out there. I’ll bet I can chop more acres per day then you can.

but you forgot one thing i.e. when you are coming to P.A. when shall I expect you. If you haven’t received my Sun letter yet, I said, I live in apt #3 with Chas A Daley. Tel #2669 and when you come, if you & your crowd do not seriously object I wish you would come on up to the rooms & rest yourselves. I don’t see any harm as Mrs. Daley will be here, C? So please tell me about when I can expect you.

Your letter was so dear today. I could have just loved you to death! I enjoyed it so much. You were so natural and made me feel so good. I surely do hope your leg is much better. I am almost well now.

How long will you stay here? How long will I get to see you? I wish you could come Sat or before, any way so you can be here Sunday. You see that would be wonderful. All day Sunday I won’t have a thing to do. I am so thrilled over this I hardly know what to do. I can’t say much in letter as I do not know what to say, better to tell you how glad I am that you are coming and you know how glad I am.

Did you know GoLokey [?] was in Los Angeles and expects to go to U of Cal next fall.

I hope to see you soon my Dear one.

Lots of Love



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