8/3/1923 they pay little attention to table affairs

Houston, Tex

Aug 3, 1923

My Dearest Little Girl,

I had quite a surprise this morning. Something that I did not expect so soon. I had just gotten back from town and Emily told me that I had a letter. I did not expect to hear so soon from you. But Dear it made me so happy to get that masterpiece from you. It gives a person a reason for living to get such a wonderful letter like that one. Gee Florence I felt so good after reading that letter.

Thanks for the lectures that oration you delivered. I think a few things like that do a person good sometimes. But I think one thing you hit on the head. That is, before I started writing to you, I did look at answering letters, more as a friendly duty than an enjoyable pass time. I really enjoy getting letters more than a person can imagine, but it takes effort for me to sit down and start a letter. It takes more effort to start one, than it does to write after I have started. That statement is also true in Science it takes more “Powar”* to start a thing than it does to keep it going after it is running. I always look forward to the mail, but it seems that I seldom look forward to writing. After I have finished a worthy letter, I feel as it I have accomplished something + look back over my efforts in admiration. I knew that I was neither original with phrases nor accomplished in letter writing. Therefore a good reason why I have not satisfied my little Girl in her long looked for letters.

I am sorry that I impress you as talking as if I had just come to town and was admiring the big buildings. I am sorry this bores you. I think I could talk correctly with a little effort. I have done this more and a means of attracting your attention of what I was talking about than to give you the (?) to give you the idea that I was a country boy, seedy boy. Maybe I do not always talk to others as I talk to you. Maybe you do not know it, or have not observed your actions but while we are upon the subject I might say that I do honestly believe that you are more gifted in writing than in talking. I think you write more convincingly than you talk. You do not seem to express yourself as well verbally as you do by the aid of a pen. This fact of which you have just spoken has no doubt caused you to look down on me with pity and feel sorry for me. I hope I don’t make you feel bad, but while we are at it, let’s talk from heart to heart and not let it affect our feeling in this slightest way. I will try and not talk to simple around you. I could explain my ideas to you or attempt to explain them to you in Scientific terms that you could probably not understand. Thus I go along and try to do my best. I do not attempt to use my vocabulary on you, in fear you may not understand. But I think I will commence to start to begin some day and let you change your mind the slightest bit. I have said things around you that pertained to a few scientific terms and you yelled Physics. I did not know whether you meant that is was a (____?) to you or the Physics you have studied. Thus I tried to portray my ideas in the most common way so that you could grasp the idea. I am not saying this with the attitude of causing bad feelings, but as a means of bringing out facts. Your vocabulary is in different terms than myne so that may have something to do with it. But nevertheless my Dear we will both try to satisfy each other more.

Now as far as the Table etiquette I cannot hand myself much. I may not be as prompt as some people and again I may not know a few of the finer points. I appreciate all that you tell me, so don’t be afraid to tell me. As I have said before Florence, I have not had a chance to learn about this as other people you know in small towns, they pay little attention to table affairs.

Since I have been in Rice I have been where they rise none at all. It is impossible to learn with practically no personal contact. I have been out for meals a few times, but as a matter of fact I observed a few things. You know all people do not use the same systems, or you ought to know it.

I am very sorry that I make my sentences drag and my thoughts absurd. This is partly due to interruptions, partly due to non-concentration. My ideas are crude I know. I can see the great necessity of getting with people that know this stuff. I am going to do this some day.

I may move over with Thomas in a few days. If Aunt Jennie feels like doing a little extra cooking I will. I will know in the morning.

Now Florence my Dear I have dealt with things other than a real letter to you. After I have thought of these things I cannot change quickly and write of love as I should do now. I still have those blues. I thought my heart would melt for you when I kissed you Good-bye in the presence of others. That’s what I call a love kiss. When you looked u pat me with those eyes I could have loved you so much right there. I did my best to keep back sobs and be cheerful. I think I succeeded pretty well too.

Thanks very much Dear for the Special.

I love you heaps and bundles

Your still the devil loses his horns.


P.S. I am going over to learn some things Mon and Tues and take my exam Wed.


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