8/6/1923 Run, jump, swim, steal watermelons, get your face dirty

Monday 8 am


My Darling Florence;

How goes it this most beautiful morning? I am sure you think I am the ____ of a boy for not letting you get a letter this morning. I know you expected one. Your last letter was so indifferent, but let’s not fuss about such a small thing. I know letter writing reflects the mood of a person, at the time they are writing. (That pen is no good, so I’ll use my own)

Ike went to Houston Sunday. He left here Sat nite at 6:00 pm. I’ll bet he is having a wonderful time. He said he would be back Tuesday – maybe. If I could onlt have gone with him. If you were there. wouldn’t it have been great if I could have come down to see you in a car while you were in Devers[?]. I don’t know a soul here that has a car that I could have possibly had a chance to get.

Florence do you know that is only 40 days more before I get back to Houston. Every day makes one day less. Just think its just 40. It used to be over a hundred. I have served over 60 days in seclusion. Not seeing my most darling little girl. You know that’s quite a sacrifice too. Some times I think I can’t stand it till 9-16-23. I get so tired of this place. This shift work is not what I want. I’ll never work this way again. If I had known that it was this way before I came I never would have been in P.A. Won’t we have a great time when the day does come. You a Slimess and I a Junior. You’ll have to be good and mind or I’ll have to use the broom or my belt. Just as you prefer. Isn’t it awful to be a Freshman. It’s all in a Freshman’s life. Say my Dear are any one else going to Rice from the Gang that used to be out there. I hope there is. Did Mary get her proposition at that art school. So many of those girls are going to C.I.A. are they not. I am so glad that you have definitely decided on Rice. I was so glad when I read that. I suppose your father has given up the Cal plan. So you remember when you told me about it, one day on Rice field when Central had a Base Ball game. Oh! How I did feel. I thought then, when I left for P.A. that would be the last time I would see you for a long time. But now I know it will not, unless something very serious happens.

Starting today I am going to work 12 hrs per day for the next two weeks. It is an easy job the extra 4 hrs so I just as well be drawing pay as to be hanging around here. You see I can make up for a little lost time. It’s going to be very easy or I would not have taken it.

I’ll bet you look good in those knickers, eh? Now you can be what you have always wanted to be. A Boy. Run, jump, swim, steal watermelons, get your face dirty, Go barefooted and all those things that a boy does. You have all the chance in the world now. Be a big tom boy. “Ain’t nature Grand.” How do you like the country. Have you gone out watermelon stealing yet. That’s when they taste good to boys.

I have been so lonesome for you lately that I do not know what to do. Just for a few hours alone with you would make things so wonderful. This letter writing makes things seem different, a person cannot understand as well and really Florence I think we have misunderstood just a little, Don’t you? That is only on the surface, tho’. Down deep I still have the same feeling. I know that I care, and you know you care, but we just let some little insignificant foolish idea make us a little indifferent. I am sure you care, because when I was in Houston you would not have shown such affections if you did not. Them where the days Florence. I will never forget those good things you did for me. Of course you got as much pleasure out of those little gatherings as I did, but nevertheless my Dear you cannot imagine how I did enjoy them.

It is almost time for me to go to work and I have another letter to write before I go. So my Dearest little girl I will write again soon. So be patient and please don’t get furious if you do not get a daily letter.

Lots and bushels of love



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