7/18/1923 oceans of love


July 18, 1923

My Dearest Florence;

I just received your letter a few minutes ago and Dear I don’t blame you a bit for feeling the way you did about getting that most unwelcome, sarcastic (and above all) impudent letter of mine. You see it’s just as I told you this morning in that letter. I just wanted you to realize that I couldn’t quite feature a few things you said in that letter. Most of all you laughing about my leg. Florence, my Dear it was serious, I had to be very careful of it. An infection of the bone, that’s an awful thing.

Let’s let that proposition about that letter drop, won’t you? I didn’t mean a thing by it, I wasn’t even mad. Florence Dearest of ’em all, how could I get mad or furious with you. You  have been a real true friend. One that a person really appreciates. One that you will never forget. Florence, you ask if you letters are not interesting. If you could see and realize how I look forward to them you could decide for yourself. When I see the postman go by I always know there is a letter from my Florence and sure enough about every day since I have been in bed I have gotten a letter from you. One day I got two. Florence, really, you cannot realize how I do feel about you and your dear letters. It has been quite a sacrifice to you to spend so much time writing buy you should see me when Mrs Daly comes in and tells me that I have a letter. Florence I think the world of you and don’t let anything change your mind.

I went out to see the doctor this morning, he looked at it, tested a few things and said, you can go to work Monday. He thought it was Thursday. I said “Look here Doc, I only have 3 months each year to work each year and this stating off is quite a sacrifice to me.” Then he says, says he, maybe day after tomorrow. ish huh says I. So I goes over to shop and talks to the shop foreman, Hi there, stranger, he says. HI back says I. I told him all and he said to come on and go to work and said he would see that I didn’t have to do much. Just as much as to say, you can punch the clock at 11 and then again at 7 can’t you. So I am going to work tonite and gold-brick I get 60% of my salary after the first eight days. But that doesn’t mean much. Then it cannot exceed 15.00 per wk. That’s only expenses.

You say, says you, that you can’t write so often. Ike gets a letter daily, I don’t see why I can’t get one real often. ___?

It’s time for me to go to dinner now. So I don’t forget now Florence that I think just lots of you. I don’t blame you for feeling blue about that awful letter cheer up ole Dear.

Oceans of Love


My legs are quite a bit weak and I have a place without any skin over it about like this


(see drawing)


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