8/12/1923 I am surely glad you will be with us next fall in heart, sole, mind and presence

Port Arthur, Tex

Aug 12, 1923

My Dearest Florence;

This is the first letter this week, is it not? I ought to be ashamed and I really am, but you see it was this way. I have been working 12 hrs a day this week and I go to work at 11 am and work till 11 pm and two boys are down here from home, to find work, I am helping them all I can, so I did not have much time. I surely did think of you lots and wondered how you were and if you were having a good time, what you were doing and everything. I will work 12 hours a day every day next week if nothing happens. Just think, my Dear, about this time, 11 AM, five weeks from today, I will be pulling into Houston. To stay, not temporarily but permanently for 9 mo, anyway. Won’t that be a glorious day. and most of all to think there will be some one who will be awfully glad to see me. Ain’t nature grand. I just feel so good when I think of coming back. Just five weeks. Oh Glory. It surely will be great to be back and see the people you care for. I will serve my time out in five weeks. That’s the way I feel about it.

Have you had any great thrills yet since back in Houston. I haven’t had on is about 2 1/2 months. Them were the days. Gee, how blue I get when I think of you and the time we used to have. isn’t it a fine comparison with this, nothing to do, nobody to go see, nobody to come up and talk to. I’ll get out of practise and won’t know how it’s done if I don’t watch out.  So many darn Caguns that it takes all the joy out life. You know, Florence, a person cannot appreciate anything until it’s too late – ? You can’t imagine how I have missed since I have been down here. Especially on Sat nite and Sun. It sure makes me blue when I think of it.

We have just had another of those electric-Rainy storms and I think another oil tank is on fire, as the way things look and enormous block of smoke is coming from the Texas Co so there is something on fire.

Ericsson, a boy from El Campo is working in the office at Texas Co and a very good looking girl is working there, too. About 6 week ago I was in the office and due to the circumstances she found out I was from Rice and also my name. Sher used to go with Roy Chambers when they were in High school. So she asked him about me, and of course passed a few complimentary remarks saying she would like to meet me. Ahem. He told me. It was mutual. Then yesterday I was in office and she talked to Ericsson about me. Said I was that athlete from Rice and all that stuff like they all do when they want to meet someone. She said she wanted to meet me. So maybe I will meet her. Then there may be some way to break the monotony. She seems to be very nice and Roy recommends her as one of the nicest girls in P.A. Of course, I would like to meet some body, besides just boys.

A Boy is coming over tonite and we are going to have a bridge party. I do like it very much. I think you do too, eh?

I am surely glad you will be with us next fall in heart, sole, mind and presence. I am sure will like it. If you are indifferent about it now, you will not be a short while after you start.

Yesterday I picked up a hot shaving from a lathe and cut two of my fingers a little but not as much as they could be. It makes it a little uncomfortable at time, but nevertheless it will be all right soon. I sure got rich while I was off the two weeks. 14.25. That is better than nothing, tho’.

My little Darling Florence, I will have cease this so don’t forget your little Freddie. You know I love you heaps. I think the world of you which I have told you so many times.

Lots of Love



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