8/14/1923 How is Scatterbrains and the others?

Port Arthur

Aug 14, 1923

My Darling Florence;

How goes the world, back in the city. I’ll bet you were sure glad to get back, wasn’t you? Believe me I sure will be glad to get back. Just think, this week and four more and I can see my Dearest of all. Oh Florence, how happy I will be. It will be 3 1/2 months since I have seen you. It seems like years. Does it to you. This working 12 hrs is long but it isn’t hard as I do not have much to do. So when he asked me if I wanted to work 12 hrs/day for two week, I took it, because I know it would be a gravy train. The only thing is I don’t have time to do anything but sleep. When I sleep 9 hours, the time is almost up. By the way, my Darling, I haven’t gotten a letter from you in a few days. Please don’t let the time grow weary.

This is a very short letter, but nevertheless it goes to prove that I am thinking of the Dearest girl in the world to me. That’s saying lots isn’t it, but when you mean it, it doesn’t hurt to tell the truth.

Lots of Love


P.S. How is Scatterbrains and the others?


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